Pre-Cut Model Engine Books was the first toy merchandise released alongside The Railway Series. They were full-colour printed cardboard kits that could be cut out, folded and glued together to make fairly realistic models.

The range was originally released in 1957 and the kits were illustrated by C. Reginald Dalby.

A 12-page "Thomas The Tank Engine Press out model book" was released in 1987 by The Reverend W. Awdry and Ken Stott.

The range was re-released in 1994; this time the characters were illustrated by Ken Stott. Each book came with accessories, track and a station.

Original 1957 Products

Re-released 1994 products


  • When the range was originally released in 1957, the backs of the books said 'More models are being prepared'. However, no more were released.
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