“That's not a prickly pygmy pig or a prickly mouse! It's a hedgehog! I know a good place for it to live!”
―Emily's driver

Prickly Pig! is a magazine story.


Terence is ploughing a field when he suddenly spots a creature which looks like a prickly mouse. The prickly mouse wanders towards the railway line. Terence hears a train coming and shouts for the prickly mouse to stop. The prickly mouse curls into a ball as Emily approaches and applies her brakes. Emily says that it is not safe for a prickly pygmy pig to live close to the tracks. Terence admits that he thought it was a prickly mouse, but whatever it is, both are agreed that they must find it a new home.

Terence suggests that they put the creature in a tree, but Emily does not think that's a good idea; the creature does not have wings and might fall out. Then Terence suggests the farm, but it might be too noisy. In the end, they ask Emily's driver. First of all, the driver puts Emily and Terence right by telling them that the creature is actually a hedgehog. The driver puts on some gloves and picks up the hedgehog. Emily carries them to the cottage of a retired stationmaster.

The retired stationmaster knows a good place for the hedgehog. The stationmaster places the hedgehog in his compost heap. They all watch as the hedgehog curls up and falls fast asleep. Terence and Emily are pleased that they have done a good deed.



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