“How did you know where to look?"
"A little bird told me!”
―James and Mavis

Proud Mavis! is a magazine story.


A rare bird has been spotted on Sodor, and lots of people are excited. Bird-watchers from Sodor and the Mainland want to search for it, so the Fat Controller allows extra train services. James and Daisy are given the special trains, and they argue over who will spot the bird first. When Mavis arrives and sees them she feels upset - she wishes she could carry some of the bird-watchers as well.

At the Quarry she is working all by herself and is feeling down, and to make things worse she starts leaking oil. Her driver parks her in a siding and goes off to find an engineer. While she is waiting she hears a loud chirping noise, and sees a colourful bird drinking from water trickling down the cliff side. It flies over and lands on one of her buffers, but when the driver returns with the chief engineer it flies away. The engineer is shocked, it's the rare Wallcreeper bird everyone is looking for.

When Mavis returns to the Main Station James and Daisy are there, and the bird-watchers hear about Mavis' sighting. They all want to go to the Quarry, and the Fat Controller allows Mavis to take them there.



  • In the second illustration, James is missing his stripes. In the final illustration, his boiler is not coloured in at all.
  • In the second illustration, James' mouth is not coloured white.
  • In the fourth illustration, part of the troublesome truck is not coloured in.


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