The racing cars competed in the Sodor Road Race. Two cars were seen there, a red one and a yellow one. Also two other cars arrived from the Mainland by boat to participate in a road race across the Island. Two cars were seen: a blue car (number fifteen) and a red car (number twenty-six).

Technical Details


The blue car is based on a Subaru Impreza rally car and the orange car's front is loosely based on a Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth Neon and the rest on a Peugeot 206 WRC.

The number 10 yellow race car is based on a Jaguar XK120 and the number 4 red race car is based on the Ferrari 375 F1. The number 1 red and number 4 yellow race cars are based on a Ferrari 250 P while its rear is based on the Ferrari 625 LM. The number 7 purple race car is based on the Mclaren M1B. The rest of the other race cars (number 6 green, unknown number white and unknown number purple) are based on a hybrid of the Austin Healey 100 and the Cunningham C6-R.



One also appeared in the magazine story, The Great Race.


Non-rail vehicles

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