“Jeremy's a Really Useful Jet Engine now!”

Ready, Jet Set, Go! is a magazine story.


The Fat Controller is planning an Open Day to celebrate Sodor Railways. Thomas is busy helping to get things ready, collecting flour at the mill to make a party cake. Jeremy roars overhead and startles the Miller, who drops a bag of flour and covers Thomas from funnel to firebox. Jeremy later flies over again whilst Thomas is being cleaned and startles the workman, who is hosing Thomas down. The workman accidentally squirts the water on the Open Day banner causing it to flutter to the ground. Thomas has had enough of Jeremy and sets off to tell him what a nuisance he's been. When he finds out what has happened, Jeremy is very sorry. Jeremy expresses his wish to be part of the Open Day celebrations. This gives Thomas an idea. He tells the Fat Controller and, on Open Day, after the Mayor's speech, Jeremy zooms overhead. He dips his wings in a special salute and releases lots of colourful balloons over the celebration.



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