“What's all the fuss about? You're really red now!”
―Ben, commenting on a tomato-covered James

Really Red is a magazine story. It was released, slightly altered, in 2013 as Seeing Red!


One morning, James is at the wash-down when a workman comments on his paint wearing thin. James is upset and later he sees Bill and Ben and steams over to ask them what they think about his paintwork. On his way over, a truck from the twins' train breaks loose and speeds towards James. It hits him and puts a big scratch along his red paintwork. Now James is even sadder. Soon, James chuffs over to the coal hopper to fill, but some of the coal hits him and chips his paint even more. Bill and Ben are worried for James and they tell the Fat Controller, who arranges for James to be re-sprayed, much to James' delight! James keeps boasting about getting a re-spray which slightly annoys the twins.

A short while later, as James rolls under a bridge, Terence is chugging over it pulling a cart of tomatoes. Unbeknownst to Terence, some of them fall out of the cart and onto James below. Then, Bill and Ben arrive and laugh at James - now he's redder than ever!



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