“A bicycle may be slower than a car, but it's much easier to mend!”
―Mr. Percival

Really Useful Ride is a magazine picture-puzzle story.


Whilst eating his breakfast, the Thin Controller checks his watch and decides he must leave for work soon. So he leaves, saying goodbye to his five children and wife. The trip to work on his bicycle is very tricky as the wind was blowing furiously. It is not long before the chain comes off. Then, Duke's driver passes in his car on his way to work and offers the Thin Controller a lift. The Thin Controller does not trust cars and turns down the ride. It is not long before the Thin Controller has fixed his bike and he is on his way once more.

Soon he sees Duke's driver standing by his car; it has broken down. The Thin Controller agrees to phone the garage from his office and concludes that, although a bike is slower, it is much easier to mend.



  • The Thin Controller is said to not trust cars because they "don't run on steam or coal, like trains", but his bicycle does not either.
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