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Background Information

Television Series

Rebecca is a fictional standard gauge tender locomotive created by Ian McCue, Andrew Brenner and Davey Moore.

She is also the last character to be created by Andrew Brenner before leaving his tenure as head writer of the series.

In 2018, Rebecca made her debut in the twenty-second series episode, Confusion Without Delay, and became a new member of the Steam Team.

Rebecca is voiced by Rachael Miller (UK/US) in the CGI version of the series on both sides of the Atlantic, respectively.

Rebecca is based on the SR Unrebuilt West Country/Battle of Britain Class.

Behind The Scenes

CGI Model

In 2009, the series introduced Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) as a replacement for the show's long-standing live-action models. Rebecca was created from scratch in CGI by Jam Filled Toronto for the twenty-second series. The model was "hand-sculpted" in Maya, a 3D animation and modelling software.

The following pantone colours are used on Rebecca's CGI model:

  • PMS 123 C (yellow)
  • PMS 144 C (orange)
  • PMS 199 C (red)
  • PMS 873 C (gold)
  • PMS 877 C (silver)
  • PMS 2182 C (blue)

Voice Actors

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