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The Red Express Coaches are generally used for other fast trains, but occasionally used for the Express.


The Railway Series

These coaches are commonly pulled by Gordon. They were first used as part of the Royal Train during Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Sodor. They were later used for the Wild Nor' Wester up until being replaced by Pip and Emma.

One of these coaches is pulled by Thomas. After arriving at Tidmouth at 3:30pm with the express, engines have to shunt a coach from the train into the bay platform for passengers wanting to travel to destinations on Thomas' Branch Line.

Thomas & Friends

These coaches are commonly pulled by Edward, Henry and James. In the third series, Duck commonly pulled them on the Little Western. Gordon pulled them in the fourth series when he met Sir Handel and in the fifth series when he went to go test the new station. Sidney has also pulled them at least once. They stopped appearing after the twelfth series but returned in the twentieth series. Henry was the first engine to pull these coaches in the second series in the episode A Cow on the Line.

Some red express coaches belong to British Railways and are pulled by Class 40 and the Flying Scotsman.

Gordon pulled the red express coaches during Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


In the Railway Series, they were sentient despite never being illustrated with visible faces. Like many coaches on Sodor, they do not appreciate being bumped by an engine, and if they are not handled properly, they can and will get back at their engine.

In the television series, they are non-sentient.

Technical Details


In the Railway Series, they were based on British Railways Mark 1 coaches with corridors.

In the television series, the models of the coaches were based on the Southern Railway Maunsell coaches without corridors. In the model era, they first appeared in Series 2. These red coaches were long, had broad windows on the corridor side and narrow windows on the compartment side. For production of the third series, shorter variants of these coaches were introduced and gradually replaced the original longer coaches. In Thomas and the Magic Railroad, the short variants of the red coaches received updated models with more details. Since the CGI Series, the coach designs had been altered to be much taller and thinner compared to the previous ones. Their compartment windows were also replaced with mirrored versions of the corridor windows.

Types of designs in the Railway Series:

Types of designs in the Model era:

Types of designs in the CGI era:


In the Railway Series, these coaches are commonly painted have been painted red with cream coloured window surrounds.

The long variants are painted dark red with white window surrounds and black rooftops in Series 2.

The short variants are painted dark red with cream window surrounds. These coaches have a yellow stripe running down each sides and black rooftops.

The Royal Train

The Royal Train was painted dark red with white window surrounds, light grey rooftops, whitewall wheels and white buffers.


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