“Tea-rooms don't live in cakes!”
―Peter Sam[src]

The Refreshment Coach is a mobile shop in the form of a narrow gauge coach that is used by the Refreshment Lady to sell refreshments on the Skarloey Railway.


Thomas & Friends

Peter Sam once tried to help the Refreshment Lady find a place for another tea room, with no success, as she could not decide which of her favourite places to build it. Later, Rusty and Peter Sam discovered an old railway coach swept upon the tracks from a storm. Peter Sam had the idea to make a mobile tea room and with Jem Cole's help, the old coach was restored. Peter Sam now proudly pulls the "Tea Shop Special" along the Skarloey Railway.

Technical Details


The Refreshment Coach is based on the Talyllyn Railway carriage No. 7, which was used as a refreshments van from 1963 to 1968. It was made from a small refreshment stand mounted on an old open-coach chassis at Abergynolwyn, Wales, UK. Its physical appearance is based on the original Talyllyn Nos. 1-3 coaches.


The Refreshment Coach is painted yellow with red and thick blue lining. It has a red serving hatch on one side that has a white sign reading "REFRESHMENT" in red on top. One end has a cloud shaped sign listing the products sold in red. Its interior was painted white.




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