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“Phew, thank goodness for Rocky!”

Rescue Team is a magazine story illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


James is very excited; the Fat Controller has asked him to be on rescue duty for the day. However, he is a bit annoyed to share his position with Toby. Very soon, James and Toby are called to their first emergency. Gordon had derailed on the Fenland Bridge.

When the rescue duo arrive at the scene, James takes control and does not listen to Toby at all. James decides to pull Gordon back onto the rails, but ends up pulling him further off. Toby becomes increasingly worried and thinks they should fetch Rocky, but James ignores Toby. Now James tries to push Gordon onto the tracks, but things become a lot worse when the bridge gives way. James continues to ignore Toby and attempts to shunt Gordon. This does not work either and James falls into the marsh alongside Gordon.

Finally James listens to Toby who sets off to fetch Rocky. With Thomas' help, Toby brings Rocky to the scene of destruction. Rocky soon has James and Gordon back on the rails. James apologises for not listening to Toby sooner. James and Toby spend the rest of the day rescuing engines and the Fat Controller is delighted with their teamwork.




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