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“Gordon's a mess, Gordon's a mess, he's the largest and jammiest/jelliest!”

Respect for Gordon is the sixth episode of the ninth series.


Gordon's firebox has lately been rattling whenever he cools down at night, which has resulted in teasing from Thomas and Percy. Gordon tells them that tank engines have very bad manners, though he feels quite embarrassed about his problem.

The next morning, Gordon finds Percy still teasing him. When he arrives at Knapford, the teasing continues, this time by Emily and Diesel. Gordon has had enough, and he decides to make demands in order to stop the teasing. So, he pulls ahead of James at the water column, tells Percy not to hang around at platform one as it is his platform and finally, he tells Thomas, James and Emily to give a polite "toot toot" of their whistles the next time they see him - because he is the fastest and best.

However, when Gordon passes Emily, he does not get the polite "toot toot" that he expects. Instead, she ignores him intentionally. Gordon is so angry that he misses a red signal and crashes into a train of jam tankers ahead of him, getting covered in jam. Whilst waiting to be rescued, Gordon gets teased again by Percy, Thomas and James, leaving him feeling very foolish and humiliated. Soon, Edward arrives with the breakdown train and takes Gordon to the Works to be cleaned and mended. With the amount of jam in his boiler, Gordon has to stay at the fitters yard for a long time.

Meanwhile, Emily and Henry take in turns to pull the express and they quickly realise that Gordon must be quite strong to do it regularly, as they find it to be hard work. Even Percy misses Gordon as the rattle helps him go to sleep. A few days later, Gordon is mended with all the jam cleaned out of his boiler and in addition, the workmen have repaired his firebox so that it is no longer rattling. That night, Gordon apologises to his friends for his rattling firebox and for his "toot toot" demands because he did not deserve it. However, Thomas and the other engines state that Gordon does deserve it as he works very hard as the express engine.

From then on, all of the Fat Controller's engines greet each other with a polite toot of their whistles for being Really Useful.




  • Going by production order, this is the second episode of the ninth series.
  • The plot point of Gordon wanting the others to whistle at him is similar to the magazine story, Thomas and the Whistle.
  • This is the third time an engine crashes into something and gets something sticky splattered all over it, with the first being in the first series episode, Dirty Objects and the second being in the third series episode, A Scarf for Percy.
  • In the US dub, Gordon groans "Oh..." after crashing into the jam tankers while rolling his eyes. This is not said in the UK dub.


  • When Gordon departs Knapford, his tender appears to be widely detached from his cab.
  • Right before Gordon passes the red signal, and crashes into the tankers of jam, a small piece of hair can be seen on the right side (viewers left) of his running board.
  • The jam drips down Gordon's face twice: once on his surprised face, and then again on his upset face.
  • When James pulls up to Gordon, he jolts down when he stops, and Gordon has a big gap between his face and eyes.
  • When Edward shunts Gordon to the Works, his bogey wheels appear to be broken.
  • When Gordon crashes into the jam tankers, his front wheels come off, but in the shot he was put back onto the rails, they are on.
  • When Gordon skips James, his whistle is low pitched, sounding almost similar to Hank's.
  • When Gordon is at the fitter's yard to be repaired, the narrator said "It was hard to get the jam out of his engine" but steam engines have boilers, and not engines.


  • Percy: Rattlebox is awake at last!

  • Emily: Oh, look rattler Gordon's here! He's pulling the "click-clunk express"!

  • Diesel: I hope your "click clunk" gets better soon. *laughs* See you later, rattler!

  • Percy: You're a boastful, bossy, big, blue boiler!


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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Respeito por Gordon
Chinese Mandarin 尊敬高登
Croatian Poštovanje prema Gordanu
Czech Važte si Gordona
Danish Respekt for Gordon
Dutch Respect voor Gordon
Finnish Kunnioitusta Jorille
German Gordon will bewundert werden
Hungarian Tisztelet Gordonnak
Italian Rispetto per Gordon
Japanese ゴードンって すごい!
Korean 덜그럭 퉁탕, 고든
Latin American Spanish Respeto por Gordon
Norwegian Respekt for Gordon
Polish Szacunek dla Gabrysia
Portuguese Respeito por Gordon
Romanian Respectați-l pe Gordon
Russian Уважение к Гордону
Scottish Gaelic Urram do Ghordon
Spanish Respetando a Gordon
Swedish Respekt for Gordon
Turkish Gordon'a Saygı

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