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This article is about the tunnel. You may be looking for the engine, the station or the Story Library book.

Rheneas Tunnel, also known as the Tunnel Section, is the sole tunnel on the Skarloey Railway, connecting Glennock with Rheneas.


The Railway Series

Rheneas Tunnel was built in 1865 and, along with Rheneas Viaduct, was the major engineering feature of the line. This three-mile section is the one most subject to the weather's vagaries and is very sinuous. The tunnel is short, but curved so that on entering, it is impossible to see right through and thus be warned of any obstruction. It is also unlined and subject to seepage. This sometimes loosens rock fragments; icicles also form here in frosty weather.

North of the tunnel the line runs along a ledge and is subject to "wash-outs" after heavy rain. Regular inspection is therefore necessary, and inevitably under the worst weather conditions. This has resulted in the section being generally known to SR gangers as "that dratted tunnel section". A "wash-out" occurred here in 1867, which resulted in Skarloey getting stuck in a landslide. Another notable incident involving the tunnel occurred in 1958 when a loose rock fragment halted Duncan. Incidents like these are typical of many others. Another wash-out occurred in 1961, destroying a section of the line. A week later, Peter Sam lost his funnel to an icicle that had formed in the tunnel. 



  • Unlike most Skarloey Railway locations in the Railway Series, Rheneas Tunnel lacks an equivalent on the Talyllyn Railway, as the TR does not have a tunnel. Its equivalent is Aberglaslyn Tunnel on the Welsh Highland Railway.
  • According to concept art during the fourth series, the tunnel was referred to as Peter Sam's Tunnel.


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