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Richard Awdry (born 1980) is the son of Christopher Awdry, grandson of Wilbert Awdry and half-brother of Verity Awdry.


Christopher Awdry wrote the story of "Triple-Header" when his own son, Richard, was three years old. One day, Christopher showed the story to his parents Wilbert and Margaret, and they suggested that he publish it. Christopher wrote the other three stories and sent them to Kaye & Ward. It was published in 1983 as Really Useful Engines, the twenty-seventh book in The Railway Series. After that, Christopher published fifteen subsequent books in the series.


  • In 2021, Richard Awdry attended the Awdry Extravaganza along with his aunt, Veronica Chambers.
  • In 2023, Richard Awdry narrated Special Funnel at the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, as well as being interviewed on the Railway Series.
  • At the age of six, Richard was interviewed for Brian Sibley's radio documentary, The Thomas the Tank Engine Man, in which he expressed his desire to continue writing stories for The Railway Series.

    "I'm going to start off with making the cover, then I'll start the pictures, then I'll write the story, then what I'll do is I'll just look at them and see if they're alright, and then I'll just make another book, same thing as I done before." - Richard Awdry talking to Brian Sibley at the age of six.[1]


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