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This article is about 'the Zoooos Interactive DVD Game'. You may be looking for 'the activity book'.

Ride the Rails is an educational Zoooos interactive DVD system game, released in 2006 by Funrise.


ZOOOOS presents a whole new way to play with THOMAS & FRIENDS!

Five fun and educational interactivites!

  • Fast Track: Help put together a train for the engines to pull in this three-level game that's full of fun and learning.
  • Mystery Trains: Connect the dots to reveal a mystery train while actually learning number sequencing.
  • Railway Adventures: Loaded with fun and surprises, choose your own adventure in this interactive picture book.
  • Sodor Sing-Along: Sing along with 4 favorite songs about Thomas & Friends. ZOOOOS makes it easy to choose the song you want!
  • Railway Registry: Meet and learn all about Thomas and his friends in this interactive scrapbook of fun!

Play. Explore. Learn.




  • Railway Adventures
  • The Depot
    • Fast Track
    • Mystery Trains
  • Railway Registry
    • Thomas
    • Percy
    • Gordon
    • Diesel
    • Emily
    • James
    • Edward
    • Toby
    • Henry
    • Harold
    • Troublesome Trucks
  • Sodor Sing-Along




  • During Fast Track, Gordon is depicted with James' side-view promo and a different number.

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