“Thanks, George! Travelling by railway is much more reliable than travelling by road!”

Road Wreckers is a short magazine story.


One day, grumpy George arrives at a country road, near Thomas' Branch Line, to repair it. Soon, the workmen start drilling with the objective of widening and laying a new surface on the road.

Soon, Bertie pulls up carrying his passengers as usual. George tells a puzzled Bertie that the road is closed. At that moment, Thomas comes puffing along and stops at a nearby signal. George rudely tells him that soon the road will be so big and wide that the railway will not be needed.

Suddenly, the foreman shouts to the workers to stop drilling; they have been digging up the wrong road. Bertie thinks that is case as he has not been told about the road's closure. As the bus cannot get through, all of Bertie's passengers board Thomas' carriages instead, proving once again that the railway is more reliable than the roads.


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