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“[The Sky Backdrops] were designed specifically by my art director, who's also a pilot, so he's got a lot of knowledge of skies, 'cause it's obviously drawn by a man who knows his clouds. He's up there all the time!”
David Mitton, The Making of Thomas the Tank Engine

Robert "Bob" Gauld-Galliers was the art director for Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.


He began working on the show in 1983 when the test pilot was produced, and setting the look in the 1940s and 50s based on the illustrations of The Railway Series.

In 1998[1] and 2000[2], he was commissioned by Sony Creative Products Inc. to development for Thomas Land in Japan.

He was art director on all series until the seventh series, and creating the character Nigel for the Pack, who was dropped at the last minute.

He was also the set designer for "TUGS" and one of the original production designers for "Magic Adventures of Mumfie".

Robert is also a pilot, which David Mitton found a great advantage when it came to painting the skies for the sets in the series. He is a big aeroplane fan and has a passion for World War I aircraft.

Art Director


  • He is credited as Bob Gauld-Galliers, except in the TUGS, third and fourth series.
  • He, Britt Allcroft and Patrick Breen all worked on "Magic Adventures of Mumfie".
  • He, Martin Sherman, Miranda Larson, David Mitton and Philip Reeves all worked on Mitton's unfinished project; "Adventures on Orsum Island".
  • CBECC is based on a private biplane flown by Robert during his days at flying school.
  • He is genuinely disturbed by the fact that the television series has adult fans, as he sees the target audience as being young children.


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