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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the UK VHS, the Philippine DVD, the Dutch DVD or the magazine story.

“Send Rusty packing! Send Rusty packing!”

Rock 'n' Roll is the tenth episode of the fourth series. It is based on the story of the same name from the Railway Series book The Little Old Engine.


Skarloey tells Rusty the railway looks drastically different since he has returned from the works because of the repairs to the lines. Rusty explains that the manager had planned to give Skarloey a surprise upon his return, though he warns Skarloey that there is still a damaged portion of track on the line just outside the first station. He is also worried that Duncan - with his habit of "rock 'n' roll" - will derail there. Duncan overhears the engines' conversation and demands to know why they are talking about him. Rusty attempts to warn him, but Duncan dismisses the warning and rudely calls Rusty a smelly diesel.

Duncan collects his coaches and arrives at the station, where James is waiting for him. When Duncan explains his grievances with Rusty, James tells him about Diesel and claims credit to having been the one who sent him packing. Filled with admiration and unaware James was bragging and is not always honest, Duncan becomes more reckless, thinking Rusty's warning was just a joke and begins to "rock 'n' roll." This ultimately causes him to derail when he reaches the damaged track Rusty had warned him about just as soon as he was about to reach the first station.

When called to help, Rusty initially refuses until Skarloey expresses his disappointment at Rusty for leaving the passengers stranded. Upon being reminded of the passengers, Rusty's mood soon changes, and the diesel sets off with some workmen. Duncan now feels sad and thinks everyone will know how silly he is. As soon as Rusty arrives, the workmen alongside the passengers (who are angry that they have to help too) lever Duncan back onto the rails. Duncan finishes his journey without any further mishaps, and later that evening apologises to Rusty and asks if they can be friends. Rusty agrees and promises to mend the damaged line in the morning.





  • When Skarloey meets Rusty, he is on (viewers' perspective) the left side of Rusty. Further down the line, they seem to have switched tracks. Skarloey also has a new line of trucks.
  • When Duncan "rocks 'n' rolls" in his first scene, the track is tilted.
  • Duncan's eyes jitter up and down when he says "Silly old diesel, clever me!"
  • When Duncan comes off the track, he has his happy face mask on.
  • The pole used to derail Duncan is clearly visible.
  • Rusty's right eye pokes in during the line, "Oh! I forgot about them!" Both of Rusty's eyes are wonky in the very last shot.
  • In the close-up of Duncan's wheels, when he is put back on the rails, no people are visible, Duncan's rear wheel remains derailed, and the shadow of the hand putting him down can be seen.
  • Duncan's coaches have faces when he fetches them, but lose them when Duncan meets James at Crovan's Gate.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, the narrator mistakenly says Skarloey's name as Sharloey.
  • When Duncan derails, his face moves a bit.


Rusty: I shouldn't like his passengers hurt.
Duncan: What's that about me? I'm a plain speakin' engine, and I believe in plain speakin'. Speak up!
[Rusty informs Duncan about the bad tracks]
Duncan: Hmph! I know my way about. I don't need smelly diesels to tell me what to do.

[Duncan arrives at Crovan's Gate station]
James: You're late!
Duncan: I know. It's that smelly Diesel's fault? Rusty tries to teach me how to stay on the rails and then goes off leaving me to find my own coaches.
James: You poor engine. I know all about Diesels. One crept into our yard and ordered us about. I soon sent him packing.
Narrator: Duncan was filled with admiration. He didn't know that James was boastful and sometimes didn't tell the truth.

[during Duncan's journey]
Duncan: Send Rusty packing, send Rusty packing.
[cut to the hill; he climbs it furiously]
Driver: Well done, boy. Keep it up.
Narrator: [cut to the countryside] Soon they were near the first station. Duncan was pleased.
Duncan: Nothing's happened! Nothing's happened! Smelly old Diesel, clever me!
Driver: Steady, boy!
[suddenly, Duncan derails]
Duncan: Sleepers and ballast! I'm off!
Narrator: And he was.

[after having heard of the news of Duncan's derailment]
Rusty: I warned him. But all he did was called me names. [refuses to move]
Skarloey: I'm ashamed of you Rusty. Think of the passengers, what are they going to do?
Rusty: Oh, I've forgotten them. Yes, of course, we must help the passengers.
[Rusty leaves to the scene of Duncan's incident; cut to the said scene]
Narrator: Duncan stood sad and solitary. He couldn't Rock 'n' Roll now.
Duncan: Oh, dear. Everyone will know how silly I am.

[last lines]
Duncan: Rusty. Thank you for helping. I'm sorry I was rude to you.
Rusty: That's all right, Duncan.
Duncan: I wish all diesels were like you. Let's be friends.
Rusty: Suits me. We'll mend that bad bit of rails first thing tomorrow.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 摇滚乐
Czech Rokenrol
Danish Rock'n'roll
Dutch Rock 'n' Roll
Finnish Rock n Roll Veturi
German Rock ,n' Roll
Greek Το Ατύχημα του Ντάνκαν
Hungarian Rock and Roll
Italian Rock 'n' Roll
Japanese ロックンロール
Korean 친구가 된 러스티와 덩컨
Latin American Spanish Rueda que te Rueda
Norwegian Rock 'n' Roll
Polish Tańczący Damian
Romanian Rock 'n' Roll
Russian Рок н ролл
Slovenian Ples na tirih
Swedish Rock 'n' Roll
Ukrainian Танцюрист
Welsh Roc a Rôl!

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