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“I'm glad you've learned your lesson, because it isn't right to rock and roll at the quarry!”

Rock and Roll! is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


One day, at the quarry, Bill bumps a truck which sends rocks falling onto the tracks. Fergus, who is nearby, tells Bill to be more careful as the quarry can be a dangerous place.

Later, Bill and Ben are sent to collect a heavy rock crusher. Bill and Ben discuss Fergus and both decide to play a trick on the old engine and misbehave.

The cheeky twins push the rock crusher into the quarry as fast as they can, much to Fergus' dismay. There is a loud bang followed by a rumbling sound. The rock crusher has crashed and caused a rockslide. Poor Fergus is buried under an avalanche of rocks.

The Fat Controller hurries to the quarry as soon as he hears about the rockslide. He finds Bill and Ben hiding behind a coal truck. The Fat Controller tells them off and the twins are sorry for causing the accident. They promise to do it properly next time and scamper off to help dig out the old traction engine. Fergus is grateful and warns Bill and Ben that it is not right to "rock and roll" at the quarry.




  • Ben suddenly appears with his set of new gold buffers in one photograph. This is because the image is taken from the sixth season episode, Buffer Bother.


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