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Rolf's Castle is a small town and station on the Kirk Ronan Branch Line.


Roolwer, or Rolf, was Bishop of Sodor and Man between 1070 and 1079, and built himself a fortified residence here, from which the town gains its name. Rolf died in 1079 while on a visit to the Isle of Man, and was buried at Kirk Maughold. During the time of the resistance (1263-1404), Rolf's Castle, along with Brendam and Cronk, was part of the triangle that was usually occupied by invading Scottish, and later English, forces.

The Bishop’s house is now in Suddery, and Rolf‘s Castle, rebuilt in 1665 after being dismantled by Cromwellians during the Great Rebellion, is now a Conference Centre.

In the television series, the station appears in the seventh series.


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  • Rolf (Roolwer) was a real Bishop of Sodor and Man in the eleventh century.
  • On Wilbert Awdry's original 1950 map of Sodor, Rolf's Castle was a station on the Main Line with a junction leading to Kirk Ronan. This was retconned on later maps.


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