“Ah, ooh, grooh! Help! I'm drowning!"
"What a fuss Diesel's making over a few drops of water!”
―Diesel and James

Roof Repairs! is a magazine story.


One night, a storm strikes the island and the strong winds rip a huge hole in the shed roof allowing the rain to pour through and soak the engines! The following morning, the Fat Controller orders that repairs to the shed roof begin immediately. Then, Diesel oils up and teases the engines, stating that a drop of water never hurts an engine. Diesel collects timber from the saw mill and returns to the sheds. Work continues all day, but the roof is not completed by the evening so the engineers fix up a tarpaulin to keep the engines dry.

That night, rain pelts down once again. The following morning, Diesel arrives and oils up alongside the shed as the workmen tip the water out of the tarpaulin. The water soaks Diesel, who thinks he's drowning. James laughs and remarks about the fuss Diesel's making!



  • The back of Diesel's cab is grey in one illustration.
  • Diesel's footplate is white.
  • Diesel's side rods are black even though they shouldn't be at this point.


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