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Behind the Scenes

Gauge 1 model

Rosie's model was scratch-built to run on gauge 1 track. Six different facial expressions were worn by her on screen. The faces were first sculpted in clay and from that resin casts were made using a silicone mould. The eye mechanism had two servos, one for up and down movement, and one for left and right movement. 

The twelfth series marked the beginning of the show's transition into CGI and the characters' faces were animated through CGI with the aid of motion capture animation. The physical models' molded faces were replaced by white targets with triangles to fix a computer-animated face in post-production. Rosie's resin faces were only used in background shots

In the episode, Rosie's Funfair Special, Rosie was briefly seen with a lamp. This was powered by a hidden battery pack.

Rosie had various modifications throughout the model era, including:

  • Rosie has both her whistle and connecting rods in different positions compared to her prototype:
    • Rosie's whistle is positioned behind her rear dome whilst her prototype has its whistle positioned on the right side of the middle dome.
    • Rosie's connecting rods are attached to her middle driving wheels whereas her prototype has its connecting rods attached to the rear driving wheels.
    • Her funnel is also taller than that of her basis.
  • Rosie had some modifications throughout the television series, which included:

One of Rosie's models is on display at Drayton Manor.

Close-up model  

Close-up shots of Rosie's cab was required for scenes in where she had to interact with close-up scale figures. It was also used for close-up whistle shots; smoke would emit from the whistle when required. The model was not complete and only portions of the cab were built. Rosie's close-up model only appeared in the tenth series episode, Thomas and the Birthday Mail.

CGI model

In 2009, the series introduced Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) as a replacement for the show's long-standing live-action models. Rosie was recreated from scratch in CGI by Nitrogen Studios. Her model was "hand-sculpted" in Maya, a 3D animation and modelling software.​

Photographs of Rosie's Gauge 1 model were used for referencing. According to Greg Tiernan, every detail of the original television series models for each character is carefully reproduced in the CGI model. The models are subjected to many rounds of review before they are submitted to HiT Entertainment for final input and approval.​

Rosie has had modifications throughout the CGI series. These include:

  • Series 13:
    • Her face became slightly smaller.
      • Her funnel and steam pipes became thinner.
      • Her lamp-irons were removed.
      • The detail on the back of her coal bunker is now pushed in.
    • Mid-Series 17 (starting with Percy's Lucky Day onwards):
      • She gained a permanent headlamp of the same design as Ferdinand's, mounted in front of her funnel.
    • Tale of the Brave:
      • She regained her tail-lamp.
    • Journey Beyond Sodor:
      • She received a new cherry red livery with "NWR" painted on her side tanks and the number 37 painted under her cab windows. The area above her wheels and around her ladder was also repainted to gold.
      • She lost her lip gloss and blush.
      • She gained rivets across her cab, side tanks, the sides of her buffer beam and around her smoke box and cylinders.
      • She also received window panes.

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