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This article is about the sixth series episode. You may be looking for the fourth series episode, the book or the DVD.

“Well done, Rusty. And well done, Elizabeth. We will open this line immediately. Maybe now Rusty will have time to work at the quarry!”
―The Fat Controller

Rusty Saves the Day is the twenty-fifth episode of the sixth series.


Rusty takes up so much time clearing up Rheneas and Skarloey's line that the little orange diesel forgets that there is also work at the quarry that has to be done. The Fat Controller says that this takes too much of Rusty's time, so he decides to close down the line, which is now in terrible condition, and sends Rheneas and Skarloey to the quarry. The two engines work as hard as they can, but they miss the forests, the hills, and their passengers.

The next day, the Fat Controller announces that there will be blasting in the quarry for the next two weeks, and that he will have to find the engines' other work until then. Rusty asks if they can use that time to mend Rheneas and Skarloey's line. The Fat Controller agrees, but they only have the two weeks to finish the job. Elizabeth thinks that clearing the line is ridiculous and says it is a waste of time. Skarloey is upset by this and thinks that they will never get the job done, but Rusty makes a point that they cannot give up. Rusty then comes up with an idea to convince Elizabeth to help and get the job done.

The little diesel tells her that they will need a "special" kind of lorry that can get the job done, and Elizabeth then agrees to help and get the job done. She is as good as her word. And soon, the job is completed. Rheneas and Skarloey's line looks as good as new, and the Fat Controller congratulates Rusty and Elizabeth for their hard work. He then says that the line will re-open and Rusty can now have enough time to work at the quarry, much to the engines' delight.




  • In the scene of Rusty crossing the Rheneas Viaduct in the 4:3 version, the camera moves to the left.
  • The "Line Closed" sign that appears in this episode is currently owned by Twitter user TomsProps.


  • Skarloey and Rheneas both looked happy, when they should have been sad about their line closed.
  • When Elizabeth pulls the sycamore tree off the bridge, it almost hits the workman. However this could have been intentional.
  • When Michael Angelis says, "'And pulling heavy branches', added Rusty", a snippet of audio is missing from "added Rusty".


[Elizabeth passes Rusty, Skarloey, and Rheneas while they are busy clearing up the line]
Elizabeth: What a waste of time!
Skarloey: She's right. We'll never get it done in 2 weeks.
Rusty: We can't give up.

The Fat Controller: [after the line is successfully cleared] Well done, Rusty! And well done, Elizabeth! We will open this line immediately. Maybe now, Rusty will have time to work at the quarry.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Arabic صدئ تقي يوم
Chinese Mandarin 罗斯缇拯救了这一天
Czech Rusty Zachraňuje
Danish Rusty Redder Dagen
Dutch Rusty Red de Dag
French Rusty Sauve la Journée
Hungarian Rusty Nagy Ötlete
Italian Rusty fa Riaprire una Linea
Japanese ラスティーのおてがら
Korean 철길 청소
Latin American Spanish Rusty el Héroe
Norwegian Rusty Redder Dagen
Polish Rudik na Ratunek
Romanian Rusty Salvează Ziua
Russian Расти спасает положение
Serbian Spasilac Rasti
Slovenian Zlatko Reši Težave
Swedish Rusty Klarar Skivan
Welsh Achub y Lein

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