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This article is about the Australian DVD. You may be looking for the sixth series episode or the book.

Rusty Saves the Day is an Australian DVD release, containing ten sixth series and two seventh series episodes.


  1. Jack Jumps In - Thomas delivers an eager front-loader named Jack to an excavation site, but Jack has a tendency to try jobs that he is not suited to.
  2. It's Only Snow - Thomas hates to take his snowplough during the winter, but he cheers up when he gets to take a Christmas Tree to the village with Toby.
  3. Gordon Takes a Tumble - Gordon doesn't feel that it would be dignified for an express engine to pull trucks, but Salty teases him, Gordon is determined to show him how an express engine pulls trucks.
  4. Buffer Bother - Bill is jealous when his twin Ben gets brand new buffers, and he starts to become careless in his work at the quarry.
  5. Toby Had a Little Lamb - During the winter, Toby is flagged down by a farmer who needs a vet to examine his lambs on the other side of the hill, Duck tries to clear away the snow, but becomes too thick for him to plow.
  6. Thomas, Percy and the Squeak - Thomas is assigned to take the opera singer Alicia Botti from the docks, meaning that he gets to be clean before Percy.
  7. Edward the Very Useful Engine - The big engines say that Edward is too old, so Duck comes to take Edward's trucks. Later, Gordon is convinced that he can bank a train up the hill even while carrying his own.
  8. Dunkin Duncan - Duncan is impatient while working at the slate mines, annoying the other engines. He then tries to do his job faster and gets tangled the coupling of an empty truck of the incline.
  9. Rusty Saves the Day - Skarloey and Rheneas's old line is too battered for them to run on, but Rusty has a plan to repair the line when is briefly closed down.
  10. Faulty Whistles - When a branch knocks away Peter Sam's whistle, Duncan teases him, and boasts that any proper engine has a whistle. To prove his point, Duncan starts whistling loudly, but it comes loose when he blows it off.
  11. Emily's New Coaches - A new engine named Emily arrives and steals Annie and Clarabel. This makes Thomas cross, and the other engines make Emily feel rather unwelcomed.
  12. Percy Gets it Right - Percy warns everyone that a landslide might occur, but everyone is too busy to listen to him. However, Thomas is the victim of his ignorance as he passes that spot.



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