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Ruth is an inventor who will debut in the twenty-fourth series. She lives in her own Workshop on the Ffarquhar Branch Line.


Thomas & Friends

When Ruth first arrived on the Island of Sodor, she brought with her the Road Plane. It was during one of its test flights that it first caught the attention of Thomas, Percy and Rebecca, who followed it to Ulfstead Castle, where they found out about the upcoming Technology Fair in which Ruth would be participating.

During the fair, Ruth acted as the announcer and helped Sir Robert Norramby organise and open the fair. When the Metal Men went rogue, she helped catch it with the aid of Thomas and The Mighty Magnet.

She later showed off one of her own inventions, her hover-car, at the fair, which caught the attention of the thieves, Baz and Bernie. When they stole the plans to the hover-car, she helped stop them from getting away alongside Thomas, Gordon, Rebecca, Sir Topham Hatt and Sir Robert Norramby, recovering the plans.

After the Technology Fair ended, she decided to permanently move to the Island of Sodor from the United States. After a day of searching the Island with Thomas for a new home, she eventually came upon a windmill, which she converted into her own workshop with an electromagnetic generator.

Later, when The Rickety Old Bridge on Toby's Branch Line collapsed, Sir Topham Hatt enlisted her help to find a solution, which came in the form of the Walking Bridge.

During Kenji's repairs at the Sodor Steamworks, Ruth helped to fix him up with an electric battery, allowing him to work on the un-electrified areas of the North Western Railway.

Ruth later created her own mode of transportation in the form of Cleo, who she would use to make deliveries and pick-ups. Cleo's love of snow would then inspire her to create a fake snow machine, allowing Cleo to enjoy the snow whenever she wanted.


Ruth has created numerous inventions; these include:


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