Ruth's Hover-Car is a floating car invented by Ruth, which was showcased at the Technology Fair at Ulfstead Castle. The car has retractable wheels and is able to fly, though it is unknown how.


Thomas & Friends

During the Technology Fair, Ruth demonstrated her hover-car's abilities by flying it around the Earl's estate, much to everyone's amazement.

Following the demonstration of the hover-car, Baz and Bernie discovered the location of the hover-car's plans and stole them, using Kenji as their getaway vehicle. This began a series of chases, and Ruth herself used the car to pursue the thieves, but pulled out when she came to a tunnel. After Thomas stopped Kenji, the plans were eventually recovered and returned to Ruth.

Although the hover-car proved to be a success to the public, Ruth deemed the world unprepared for flying cars, so it was stored in her workshop and replaced by Cleo as her main vehicle.

Technical Details


Ruth's Hover-Car appears to have no specific basis, but it resembles a 1956 Ford Thunderbird with tailfins off of a late 1950s Cadillac.


The car is painted crimson with chromed silver fittings.



  • The Hover-Car's folding wheels resemble the Back to the Future Delorean time machine.


Thomas & Friends

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