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S.S. Stoten is a rail ferry that initially brought the international engines to Sodor by mistake. When the international engines understood they were on Sodor instead of the Mainland where The Great Railway Show was to take place, they reversed back onto the ferry to be taken there.

The ferry later delivered Kenji to Brendam Docks for the Technology Fair. Following the Technology Fair, it returned to pick up Kenji, however Kenji feared going home alone. Because of this, Hiro decided to accompany him on his journey and return to his home in Japan.

Technical Details


S.S. Stoten is based on Harwich Rail Ferries Nos. 1-3, which were designed by W.G. Armstrong-Whitworth and built in 1924 to ferry goods from Zebrugge in Belgium to Harwich in the United Kingdom.


S.S. Stoten has a white superstructure with a dark blue and red hull, with a white line between the two colours.



  • The ferry makes regular stops at Brendam Docks.
  • Though never named in the series, a behind the scenes image revealed the ferry's name to be S.S. Stoten.
    • The ferry is named after the director of The Great Race, David Stoten.


  • Wood (Busy Island Set; discontinued)
  • TrackMaster (Boat and Sea Set; discontinued)


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