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The Southern Railway Maunsell Restriction 0 coaches were the first design family of railway coaches built by Southern Railway (SR) in England.

They are the most common type of bogie coaches used in the television series and are frequently used for the Express.


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These coaches were once used for the Royal Train which transported Queen Elizabeth II. Henry was supposed to pull the train, but after an accident with some paint cans, Gordon was given the honour instead[1].

Some red express coaches belong to British Railways and are pulled by Flying Scotsman[2].


Between the first and third series, the coaches were sentient despite not having faces. As is common with coaches on Sodor, they dislike getting bumped by an engine. If they are not handled properly, they may become vindictive and punish their engine.

Technical Details


The models of the coaches were based upon SR Maunsell Restriction 0 coaches. They have broad windows on one side and narrow ones on the other.

From the third series through to the fifth series, both long and short length variants of the Maunsell coaches were used regularly. During the production of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, brand new models of the shorter variants were built. They completely replaced the original short and long variants from the third series and were used up until the twelfth series, after which the coaches were completely rendered in CGI.

Since the beginning of the CGI Series, the coaches have been altered to be much taller and more slender than their previous iterations.

Types of designs in the Model era:

Types of designs in the CGI era:


In the television series, the coaches all have black fronts and backs.

Green Express Coaches

In the first series, all of the coaches are painted dark green with cream window surrounds and grey rooftops. For the second series, longer coaches with white window surrounds and black rooftops were built. These models were supplemented by express coaches from the first series in Saved from Scrap and Wrong Road. Some of the coaches were repainted into the cream livery used by the original first series style coaches in the third series, while others kept the white surrounds. Sometimes mixed trains with both white and cream coaches were seen, such as in the third series episode, Gordon and the Famous Visitor.

Starting in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, short variants in dark green with cream window surrounds and black rooftops were introduced, replacing both the first and second series coach designs. By the sixth series, they had gained a yellow stripe running down each side.

Red Express Coaches

Red Maunsell coaches were first constructed for the second series. They were long coaches painted dark red with white window surrounds and black rooftops. Some long red Maunsell coaches used for The Royal Train gained light grey rooftops, whitewall wheels, and white buffers.

The short variants were introduced in the third series, painted dark red with cream window surrounds and grey roofs. These coaches have a yellow stripe running down each side and black rooftops. Alongside the short green Maunsell coaches, the short red coaches' were updated for Thomas and the Magic Railroad, phasing out both the third series style short coach design and the long coach design from the second series.

Other coaches seen in the television series

Gordon's special coaches are post-Thomas and the Magic Railroad short Maunsell coaches sporting dark blue paint, with a gold-brown stripe of paint underneath the windows and pink lining. These coaches also had white rooftops.

The Chinese express coaches are painted red with yellow stripes on the side and yellow lining around the windows.


A white express coach with orange lining appeared in the magazines. A grey express coach with an orange chassis appears in the book, Thomas and the Big, Big Bridge. Edward was seen pulling dark blue and cream express coaches in the book, Ride the Rails with Thomas. Ryan and Flying Scotsman were seen pulling purple coaches with blue window surrounds in the book, The Great Race.


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