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Saloon Coaches are narrow gauge luxury bogie coaches.


The Railway Series

The coaches were originally owned by the Mid Sodor Railway and used on its Boat Trains. As the Mid Sodor Railway declined, they were sold off to numerous buyers for use as summer houses, holiday chalets, henhouses, and garden sheds. In 1959, when Mr. Peter Sam found one in a garden at Harwick, no less than eight have been rescued and restored at Crovan's Gate Works. The Talyllyn Railway also owns one.

Technical Details


The Saloon Coaches are based on some of the Corris Railway's bogie carriages, one of which was built in 1898 and is now owned by the Talyllyn Railway, while a few replicas were built for the Corris Railway when it was reopened in 2002.


The Saloon Coaches are painted brown with gold lining.



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