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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story or the Thai DVD.

“That's a good story."
"ARGH! That's right. Ha! I likes a good story, me! Ha, ha, ha, ha, har!”
―Edward and Salty

Salty's Surprise is the twelfth episode of the sixteenth series.


It is Christmas time on the Island of Sodor, and Edward and Thomas are at Brendam Docks, where Thomas is shunting trucks of presents. Both engines agree that Christmas is their favourite time of the year. Salty trundles over and admires the presents train before Thomas takes it to Knapford. Edward asks Salty if he likes presents and parties, but Salty explains that he does not have time for them. He goes on to remark that all he needs is a story and he rolls away. Edward is sure that a story cannot be all that Salty needs and decides to find him a Christmas present. Edward is sure that Victor will have something that Salty will like and heads off.

At the Steamworks, Edward tells Victor about his plan to give Salty a present. Victor is happy to let Edward puff around the Steamworks to find something. Inside, Edward pulls up to Rosie, who is very happily being painted. Edward decides to take Salty a pot of paint as a present. Back at the docks, Edward presents Salty with a pot of bright green paint. This reminds Salty of a story about green paint. He tells Edward the story of how he was once painted green and no one could find him as he blended into the surroundings. Salty thanks Edward for his kindness, but turns down the pot of paint.

Edward returns to the Steamworks where he explains that Salty did not want to be painted green. Kevin suggests that Edward take Salty a fancy funnel. Edward is puzzled as Salty is a Diesel engine, but Kevin thinks that Salty will appreciate a fancy funnel anyway. Edward agrees and heads back to the Docks with it. Once there, Edward shows the fancy funnel to Salty. The funnel reminds Salty of a story where he was once given a similar funnel. Cranky had placed the funnel onto Salty, but it fell off and rolled into the sea. Salty again thanks Edward, but declines the fancy funnel. Edward thinks it is a good story, but still wants to give Salty a Christmas present.

Edward returns the fancy funnel to Kevin at the Steamworks and then sets off to find another present for Salty. As he steams along, Edward spots some Christmas trees close to the track. Edward is sure Salty would like a tree and takes one back to Salty. The tree reminds Salty of yet another story. He recalls the time he was given a Christmas tree, but the sea air destroyed it. Salty thanks Edward, but cannot possibly take the tree. Edward is upset as he has not found a good present, but Salty assures Edward that he has given him a very good present; a story to tell.

Thomas, Percy, Gordon and Emily arrive in time to hear Salty's new story about a very kind engine named Edward who wanted to give an old Diesel a Christmas present. All the engines enjoy the story. Then the Fat Controller arrives dressed as Santa Claus. He wishes all of the engines at the docks a Merry Christmas. The engines all toot their whistles and Edward blows his loudest of all.





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  • When the tree is in Edward's cab, his crew is missing.
  • In his first story, Salty says that there was no red paint, however Thomas and Stanley's red lining are intact, although it is possible that they had not been repainted since before the shortage.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese A Surpresa de Salty
Chinese Mandarin 塞尔缇的惊喜
French Un Cadeau pour Salty
Galician A Sorpresa de Salty
German Das perfekte Geschenk für Salty
Hungarian Salty Meglepetése
Italian Un Regalo per Salty
Japanese ソルティーへのプレゼント
Korean 솔티의 깜짝 선물 (dub)
솔티의 선물 (subtitles)
Norwegian Saltys Overraskelse
Polish Niespodzianki dla Sylwka
Romanian Surpriza lui Salty
Russian Подарок для Сойти
Spanish La Sorpresa de Salty
Turkish Salty`nin Sürprizi

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