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Salty is a red dockside diesel shunter who works at Brendam Docks.

Technical Details


Salty is based on a British Rail (BR) Class 07 diesel-electric shunter. The number he has, 2991, is a real BR number belonging to a member of the class; built in 1962, this locomotive escaped the cutter's torch by becoming a static generator at Eastleigh Railway Works and is still working there under the ownership of Knights Rail Services as of March 2007.


Salty is painted crimson with scarlet warning stripes along his body, yellow and black hazard stripes on his front and rear and yellow buffer beams with signs of rust. At the top of his forehead, he has the brim of a skipper's hat. His number 2991 is painted on the sides of his cab in black.


Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Salty's Sea Shanty Active


  • Salty is the second of a few things:
    • The second diesel engine from the original series to return in All Engines Go, the first being Diesel.
    • The second character in All Engines Go who has a number but is not a steam engine, the first being Bruno.