“Let's trip him up and be really bad. We'll drive this silly diesel mad!”
―the trucks

Salty and the Trucks is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Salty is a dockyard diesel who loves to work by the sea. Sometimes, Salty comes to the Island of Sodor to help the engines when they are busy.

One day, Salty arrives on Sodor ready for work. He pulls up and introduces himself. Mavis welcomes him to Sodor Quarry and Salty is puzzled; he should not be working in a quarry, he is a dockyard diesel. Mavis tells him that she needs him to push some troublesome trucks. Salty wants to be really useful and starts to push a long line of trucks. The trucks are feeling very naughty and decide to play up, but Salty has a plan and invites the trucks to join in with a sing-song. The trucks happily join in. Bill and Ben are cross. Salty has nearly finished his work, but the twins cannot get their trucks moving.

When Salty finishes his work, he clatters past Bill and Ben with a cheerful smile. Bill and Ben explain that their trucks still will not move. Salty explains that he finds singing to the trucks works for him. Bill and Ben think this is ridiculous and refuse to sing to their trucks. As a result, the trucks put their brakes on and will not budge.

The Fat Controller is very pleased when Mavis tells him about Salty's work with the trucks. He tells Salty there is a job he might like at Brendam Docks. Salty is delighted; the docks are right by the sea. Salty rolls happily along the shore towards the dockyard. The trucks hope Salty will visit them again.




  • It is stated that Salty is just a frequent visitor to the island.
  • Salty is said to "chuff" and "chug", but he is a diesel engine.


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