Sam Barlow was the story/script executive for Thomas & Friends from the eighth to sixteenth series. He wrote Mr. Arkwright and Mr. Perkins segments (as well as creating the latter) and was the supervising producer for The Great Discovery and the eleventh series at HiT Entertainment

Other credits include the "Silent Hill" video games and HiT Entertainment's other shows, "Bob the Builder" and "Angelina Ballerina". He left HiT Entertainment in 2010 after working on nine seasons and five specials of Thomas.

Segments Written

Mr. Arkwright

  • Mr Arkwright's Special Job

Driver Perkins

  • Mr Perkins' Party
  • Mr Perkins' Railway Lesson
  • Mr Perkins' Seaside
  • Mr Perkins' Fancy Dress
  • Mr Perkins' Painting
  • Mr Perkins' Trainee
  • Mr Perkins is Snowed In
  • Mr Perkins Clowns Around




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