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― Sandy's catchphrase

Sandy is a light pink rail speeder who lives and works on the Island of Sodor. She is close friends with Carly and works with her at their maintenance yard.


Sandy is a very energetic speeder, and while not the biggest engine on the island, she still enjoys the company of her much larger friends, many of whom recognize that she is a valuable asset to their community. Sandy always participates in a game if she can, and one of her favorite aspects of a race is seeing who the winner is. As such, she will follow someone closely to see if they will win or not. Sandy is also very good with small repairs, swapping out Gordon's broken coupling with a new one in seconds without difficulty. Additionally, she is very inventive and enjoys playing in mud and sand, particularly the last one. Sandy is always ready to help out wherever possible, but at times she can go overboard and try to make a complex solution for a simple problem.

Technical Details[]


Sandy appears to be based on a Motorcar, which were self-propelled vehicles used for track maintenance. She seems to most closely resemble those made by Fairmont Railway Motors of Fairmont, Minnesota. Unlike real-life speeders, Sandy can extend a robotic arm from the front of her chassis and/or a winch, in addition to other tools.


Sandy is painted coral pink with two black stripes around her front and a yellow cab door. She has an aqua roof and two pieces of aqua tape on her sides. Her lights and other fittings are silver, while her bufferbeams and valences are painted gold.


Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go




Audio Files[]


First used Last Used Sound Effect
A Thomas Promise Active

In the 2023 update of Go Go Thomas, Sandy uses Diesel's Misty Island Rescue horn sound and Mavis' horn sound in the original series.

Only used Sound Effect
Go Go Thomas! (video game)


  • According to Rick Suvalle, Sandy was originally named Dusty.
  • In an early version of the script for A Thomas Promise used for auditions in January 2020, it is revealed that within the series, Sandy (then named Dusty) is six years old and therefore also the youngest of the main cast.
  • Sandy is the first character in All Engines Go to have freckles, although Rosie, Dash, Mac, Alfie (before the twelfth series), Kevin, and Duchess from the original series also have freckles.
  • The name "Sandy the Rail Speeder" is trademarked.[2]
  • Sandy has a variety of different tools that extend from the front of her chassis.
  • Sandy was the first character exclusive to All Engines Go to appear on-screen.
  • Sandy built Percy's Biggest Adventure Machine.
  • She is the second rail-speeder in the franchise, the first being the disused Misty Island Speeder.
  • Sandy was originally going to live at Tidmouth Sheds, along with Carly.
  • Sandy, along with Bruno are two of Daniel Share-Strom's favourite characters.[3]