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“I'll send you to the Works to be repaired. But, from now on, you must tell me when you're ill - and no more fibs!”
―The Fat Controller to Edward

Saving Edward is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using photographs from the television series.


The Fat Controller asks Edward to collect some trucks, but he is not feeling well. He feels that if he cannot do his job, he will be scrapped. At the docks, Edward is coupled to his line of trucks, but he is unable to move them an inch. Thomas feels sorry for Edward and agrees to take the trucks for him.

After he has done his own work, Thomas takes Edward's trucks to the main station. The Fat Controller wonders where Edward is, but Thomas makes an excuse for his friend. He tells the Fat Controller that Edward took on the wrong coal. The Fat Controller does not believe Thomas and gives him extra work to do.

Edward hears that Thomas is in trouble because of him and decides to put things right. Edward comes clean to the Fat Controller, who tells Edward that he is far too useful to scrap. He sends Edward to the works to be repaired, but warns Edward that he wants no more lying in the future.




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