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Scaredy Engines is the twelfth episode of the sixth series.


One Halloween, after Edward tells the other engines a story of a ghost engine that returns to the Smelters in search of his lost whistle, The Fat Controller sends Thomas, Percy, and Duck to collect a special from the smelters. Percy, however, can't stop thinking of Edward's ghost story, which leads to Thomas teasing Percy; after making him look up to see twisted scrap hanging from the ceiling, Thomas keeps on teasing Percy about being scared of ghosts. Duck tries to comfort Percy, but Percy claims he's not scared and goes back to work.

When the yard manager asks for an engine to get another load, Duck volunteers Thomas to give him a taste of his own medicine. Thomas agrees, but is not so confident when he is all alone, seeing the twisted scrap metal and hearing sparks going off. After he ends up reversing into a smelting shed, he runs into some chains, wheeshes and sets off an old steam whistle. He panics and dashes out of the Smelters, thinking the ghost steam train is after him. He even races past Duck and Percy at Callan Station. Duck is very convinced his trick had worked.

Percy is concerned when he cannot find Thomas at the Halloween fireworks display, although Duck believes Thomas deserves to miss the fireworks after his teasing. Percy dismisses this and goes looking for Thomas. He eventually finds Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds and forgives him for his teasing, and they both agree everyone can be scared some of the time. The two, happy to be friends again, watch the fireworks together.




  • The ghost engine uses either Donald or Douglas' model without the tender and nameplate, as well as one of the twin's shocked faces.
  • A few of the firework explosion sound effects at the end are absent in the US dub.
  • Despite their appearances in the episode, Henry, Gordon and James do not appear in the nameboard sequence at the end of the episode in the Japanese dub.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Thomas' horrified face from the second series. Unless a promotional picture from Thomas the Jet Engine is counted this is the last episode where this face appears on-screen.
  • In both dubs, the narrators' voices provide a reverb effect to have Thomas, Percy and Duck's voices echo in the Smelters.
  • When Thomas, Percy and Duck arrive at the Smelters, the music heard is a remix of the theme heard in Duncan Gets Spooked when at the Old Iron Bridge, only in a lower pitch. Also, once Thomas is alone, the music there is a remix of the theme from Haunted Henry when Henry passes through the fog at the beginning of the episode.
  • This was last episode narrated by Alec Baldwin released in the US, as well as the last episode to be released during the solo-Gullane Entertainment and classic era in the US.


  • Duck's eyes are wonky for almost the whole episode.
  • In the scene of James and Toby at the beginning of the episode, they are both parallel to each other. But in the next shot featuring the fireworks setting off. James and Edward have moved forward.
  • In the rear shot of Percy and Duck arriving at the castle, a red wire is visible underneath Duck.
  • A steam platform is visible on Percy's track when he puffs out of the shed and in one shot of him working at the smelter's.
  • In the US dub, it is said that Thomas sets off an old steam whistle long before he actually does.
  • Between leaving Callan and arriving at the castle, Duck gains a lamp.
  • In the shot of Thomas saying "There's no such things as ghosts," the tracks next to him are clear. However, in the next shot up close and him reversing, there are trucks next to him on both sides.
  • While at the smelter's yards, the engines have their voices echoed, but when Duck says, "Please sir, I'm sure Thomas wouldn't mind staying," there is an echo when the narrator says "he said."
  • In one shot of Duck, an exposed hole can be seen on his running board. This is because whenever Duck is seen with a lamp, the wires from the latter thread through this hole to connect to the hidden battery pack.


  • Edward: [tells one of his Halloween stories] They say that on Halloween, the ghost engine returns to the smelters, looking for his lost whistle. "Whoo! Whoo!"
  • Gordon/Henry/James/Thomas/Percy/Duck: Ooh! Ahh! Spooky!


  • Duck: It was naughty of Thomas to tease you, Percy.
  • Percy: He was only playing. I hope he hurries up. I wouldn't want him to be late for the fireworks.
  • Thomas: [races past] HE'S AFTER MEEEEEEE!!!
  • Duck: I don't think he'll be late!


In Other Languages

Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 胆小的火车们
Czech Bojácné mašinky
Danish Spøgelseslokomotivet
Dutch Bange Locomotieven
Hungarian Ijedős Mozdonyok
Italian Locomotive Fifone
Japanese こわがりなきかんしゃ
Korean 무서운 밤
Norwegian Reddharer
Polish Straszne Lokomotywy
Romanian Locomotive Fricoase
Russian Трусливые паровозы
Serbian Preplašene Lokomotive
Slovenian Prestrašene Lokomotive
Swedish Lättskrämda Lokomotiv
Welsh Injan Ofnus

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