“Nobody will forget me now."
"As if they ever could!”
―Thomas and his driver

School-time Thomas! is a magazine story.


One sunny morning, Thomas is in the main station yard waiting to be coupled to his carriages. As he rolls towards the platform, he sees the Fat Controller talking to a guard. When he is finished, he speaks to Thomas. He has news of a rockfall on the branch line and Thomas will have to wait in the shed until it is cleared. Bertie will take his passengers instead.

That evening, Thomas speaks to Edward about the events of the day. Thomas worries that he could be left in his shed all week and people will forget about him. Edward reassures Thomas that the Fat Controller would not let that happen.

Early the next morning, the Fat Controller orders for Thomas to be cleaned and polished. Thomas is puzzled, but his driver says the Fat Controller has found a new job for him until the branch line is reopened. Thomas is very excited.

A little later, a group of children and their teacher arrive at the station. The children are working on a project about railway engines and, to help them, have been given permission to look at Thomas. The children spend the afternoon climbing aboard Thomas and looking around the station.

Later that evening, the Fat Controller praises Thomas and says that the day has been so successful that he has arranged for the children to visit him everyday until the branch line is cleared. Thomas is happy that he will not be forgotten now.



  • Thomas' lamp irons are white.
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