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“I'd rather be a really useful engine, than a really shiny engine any day.”

Scruff is a lime green boxy tank engine, who works at the Waste Dump with Whiff.


Thomas & Friends

Scruff was brought to Sodor to work at Whiff's Waste Dump. He cannot stand being cleaned and when Thomas once tried to have him cleaned, he fled and hid in a siding until he was coaxed out with the promise of being allowed to shunt rubbish trucks. He once had to go to the Sodor Steamworks to have his bufferbeam mended and later that day, he helped Gordon tidy up the waste dump before the inspector arrived.

Scruff once had to be repainted and he enjoyed his new look so much that he did not want to get dirty. He then went around the Island, looking for a new job, until Gordon reminded him that he was most useful at the rubbish dump with Whiff.

In the eighteenth series, Scruff broke down at Crocks Scrap Yard and was shunted to the Steamworks by Samson. After he was fixed, he overheard the Fat Controller saying Samson had taken his car to the scrapyards and Scruff told the Fat Controller he knew a shortcut. He then made it to the scrapyards just before Reg could grab it.

He and Whiff later helped out with Thomas when he ordered himself to be covered in waste, so the tank engine could play a trick on Diesel. They then attended Sir Robert Norramby's Christmas party.

Scruff - alongside the other engines - wanted to participate in the Great Railway Show, though the Fat Controller did not select him.


Scruff is a grimy little chap, with a lime green boxy shape. He likes to sometimes get dirty during his job. He is more than content with "scrunching" and shunting garbage wagons at Whiff's waste dump and has few other aspirations. He has been known to run in fear and hide away from things that he does not quite understand and can find having all the focus on him a little daunting. It seems, at times, that Scruff would rather be busily working in the background. However, he is cheerful to welcome engines to the waste dump and happy to have others join in with the "scrunching". He is notably, perhaps, one of the few engines on Sodor with little desire to be clean and presentable. Scruff's main motivator is being able to just get stuck in and knuckle down with his jobs.

Technical Details


Scruff is based on No. 9369 "Musketeer", a Sentinel 100 HP BE Type chain-driven vertical-boiler steam locomotive built in 1946 by Sentinel Waggon Works. "Musketeer" is preserved by the Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust.


Scruff is painted lime green with dark green stripes, funnel and front. He has brass nameplates on either side of his tanks, which are worn and difficult to read.


Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Series 17 Active

In Read and Play!, Scruff is incorrectly portrayed with Rosie's whistle.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Read and Play! Read and Play!


  • In the twentieth series, Scruff gained lamps and brakepipes on his front and rear.
  • His side tanks are considerably taller than his basis to accommodate his face.
  • Scruff travels far faster in the television series than his basis is capable of.
  • Scruff's whistle sound is Edward's whistle, but fourteen steps higher-pitched and Percy's whistle, but two steps higher-pitched.
  • Scruff shares both of his English voice actors with Cranky.
  • Scruff's Wooden Railway toy is one of the only Wooden Railway toys to have buffers painted on.
  • Scruff's TrackMaster and Take-n-Play toys are the only toys to have names except that he has a blank nameplate in the show.
    • While it is unknown the exact reason for this change, it is most likely so that the English names for him will not appear in other dubs.


“Let's get scrunching!”
―Scruff's catchphrase


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