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“If I looked that scruffy I'd stay in my shed.”

Scruff's Makeover is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using images from the CGI television series.


One day, Scruff is collecting rubbish trucks when he passes Tidmouth Sheds. The big engines think Scruff looks a right mess. At Knapford Station, the Fat Controller spots Scruff passing through and stops him. The Fat Controller sees that Scruff is rusty and his paint is starting to peel. The Fat Controller sends Scruff to the Sodor Steamworks to be cleaned and repainted. Scruff is horrified.

Scruff is scraped and sanded, cleaned and polished. He soon looks as good as new. Scruff does not like it at all, until he sees his reflection. Scruff wants to stay clean and he knows he cannot go back to working at Whiff's Waste Dump so he decides to look for a new job.

Scruff asks Percy if he can take the mail train, but Percy tells Scruff that pulling the mail is his job. Scruff asks several other engines, but no-one wants to give him their jobs. Soon, Scruff meets up with Gordon and asks if he can take the express. Gordon says Scruff is too small and slow to pull the train and reminds him that he has his own really useful job to do. This makes Scruff realise that his place is at the Waste Dump with Whiff.

Scruff hurries back to the dump and starts shunting trucks. Whiff is concerned about Scruff spoiling his paintwork, but then a crane drops a load of mud and rubbish right onto Scruff. Whiff is worried, but Scruff is laughing; he knows that being really useful is more important than being really shiny.




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