“Such a messy engine."
"I'd hate to be that dirty."
"I'm happy the way I am.”
―Gordon, Henry and Scruff

Scruff Gets Clean is a book in the Thomas Story Time story.


Scruff is happy being scruffy, but the Fat Controller is not impressed with Scruff's peeling paint and sends him to be repainted. Scruff is not happy.

When he arrives at the Steamworks, Victor promises to have Scruff painted in no time. Scruff frowns as he is painted and polished. Soon, Scruff is shiny and clean. Victor tells him how elegant he looks, but Scruff is not too sure until he sees his reflection. As Scruff clatters along the main line, the other engines smile when they see him.

When Scruff arrives back at Whiff's Waste Dump, there is a lot of work to be done. Unfortunately for Whiff, Scruff refuses to do any job where he might get messy for fear he will ruin his new coat. Scruff decides to look for a new job.

Scruff asks Thomas if he can pull Annie and Clarabel, but they point out that he already has a job at the Waste Dump. Scruff then finds Percy and asks if he can take the mail train and then he asks Gordon if he can pull the express; both engines refuse to give up their treasured jobs. Scruff realises that his place is at the Waste Dump.

At the Waste Dump, Whiff is getting into a terrible state and is surprised to see Scruff pull in. Suddenly, a crane drops rubbish all over Scruff, but he does not mind a bit.

Before long, Scruff and Whiff have cleared all of the rubbish away. Whiff is grateful to have his assistant back and Scruff realises that he would rather be really useful than really clean any day.



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