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This article is about 'the digital download release'. You may be looking for the season.

Season 19 is a Digital Download release available to view on Amazon Instant video and iTunes featuring six eighteenth series episodes and nineteen nineteenth series episodes in their original PBS broadcast format. Each block contains a song and a Mr. Perkins' Railway, The Earl's Quiz or Learn with Thomas segment.


Thomas is back and it's bigger and better than ever.


  1. Recycle Recycle Recycle! - Timothy and the Rainbow Car, Song: Let's Be Brave, Mr. Perkins' Railway: Different Engines and Samson Sent for Scrap
  2. Jurassic Sodor: Marion and the Dinosaurs, Song: Monsters Everywhere, Mr. Perkins' Railway: How Steam Engines Use Water and Millie and the Volcano
  3. Special Deliveries Emily Saves the World, Song: Searching Everywhere, Mr. Perkins' Railway: Turning Around and Samson at Your Service
  4. Christmas Time - A Cranky Christmas, Song: There's Snow Place Like Home, Snow Place Like Home
  5. Telling Tales - Who's Geoffrey?, Song: Let's Go!, Mr. Perkins' Railway: How Steam Engines Use Coal and The Truth About Toby
  6. Finders Keepers - Lost Property, Song: Really Useful Engine (The Adventure Begins version), Mr Perkins' Railway: Jobs on the Railway and Henry Spots Trouble
  7. Lost and Found - Toad and the Whale, Song: Spring is Here!, Mr Perkins' Railway: Washdown and Very Important Sheep
  8. Spooky Snow - Helping Hiro, Song: Monsters Everywhere, Mr. Perkins' Railway: Railway Maintenance and The Beast of Sodor
  9. Tis the Season to be Jolly - Diesel's Ghostly Christmas, Song: There's Snow Place Like Home and Mr. Perkins' Railway: Signals and Points
  10. All At Sea - Salty All At Sea, Song: Let's Go, Mr Perkins' Railway: Different Types of Engines and Den and Dart
  11. Slowly Wins the Race - Slow Stephen, Song: We Make a Team Together, The Earl's Quiz: Samson Sent for Scrap and The Beast of Sodor, Two Wheels Good and Learn with ThomasEveryone Helped the Duke and Duchess: Everyone is Useful
  12. Competing Engines - Reds vs. Blues, Song: Race with You, Best Engine Ever and Learn with Thomas: Emily is Impressed with Caitlin: Helping Others
  13. The Race is On - The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead, Song: Race with You, The Earl's Quiz: Cranes & The Thomas WayPhilip to the Rescue and Learn with Thomas: Showing Off Doesn't Make James Look Clever: Not Showing Off


  • The final six episodes of Series 18 are featured despite not being Series 19 episodes. This is because they were supplied to most television networks as part of the nineteenth series.


  • Timothy and the Rainbow Car is titled, "Timothy and the Rainbow Trucks".
  • The closed captions for Emily Saves the World refers to Annie as Eddie.