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This article is about the digital download release. You may be looking for the season.

Season 20 is a Digital Download release available to view on Amazon Instant video and iTunes featuring 20 episodes from the twentieth series. Each block contains a music video, and some features a The Earl's Quiz and Learn with Thomas segment.


Thomas & Friends has sparked the imagination of young children for generations. The series features Thomas, a true blue engine friend who proudly wears the "Number 1" on his side, and a cast of track stars.


  1. Sidney Sings, Song: Spring is Here!, The Earl's Quiz: King of the Railway and Kevin's Cranky Friend, Diesel and the Ducklings and Learn with Thomas: Being Nice to Others
  2. Henry Gets the Express/Toby's New Friend
  3. The Railcar and the Coaches, Song: Troublesome Trucks, The Earl's Quiz: King of the Railway and Away From the Sea, Saving Time and Learn with Thomas: Doing Too Much at Once
  4. Letters to Santa, Song: There's Snow Place Like Home, The Earl's Quiz: Cranes & The Thomas Way Love Me Tender and Learn with Thomas: Be There For Your Siblings
  5. The Way She Does It/Pouty James
  6. Bradford the Brake Van,Song: Spring is Here! and Mucking About
  7. Ryan and Daisy/Cautious Connor
  8. Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks/All in Vain
  9. Mike's Whistle/Blown Away
  10. Useful Railway, Song: Never Overlook a Little Engine, Tit for Tat and Learn with Thomas: Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right


  • Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks is titled "Bumpy Trucks and Buckled Tracks".
  • The Railcar and the Coaches is titled "Railcar and the Coaches".