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Second Series is a Spanish DVD boxset featuring six previously released DVDs.


Disc 1

  1. Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
  2. Harmonious Whistles
  3. The Flour to the Power
  4. The Magic Lamp
  5. Thomas Does What he Can
  6. James Wants to be the First

Disc 2

  1. Thomas and the Rainbow
  2. Percy and the Oil Painting
  3. Henry and the Flagpole
  4. Thomas and the Toy Shop
  5. Thomas' Free Day
  6. Thomas' Statue
  7. Skarloey the Brave

Disc 3

  1. Thomas and the Jet Plane
  2. A Soft Travel
  3. The Trail of Flour
  4. Percy and the Fair
  5. Duncan Sounds Metallic
  6. Toby's Free Afternoon
  7. Thomas and the Elusive Tree

Disc 4

  1. It's Okay To Be Yourself
  2. Emily and the Surprise Wagons
  3. Thomas Stops in Dry
  4. Fearless Freddie
  5. Caramelized Thomas
  6. Henry the Burly
  7. Admiring the Scenery

Disc 5

  1. Thomas and the Star of Desires
  2. Wrong Signals
  3. Toby's New Garage
  4. Edward to the Attack
  5. Thomas' Icy Friend
  6. The War and Peace
  7. Thomas and His Team Colours

Disc 6

  1. Missing Wagons
  2. Rosie's Birthday Present
  3. Duncan's Lie
  4. Thomas and the Treasure
  5. The Voiceless Revisor
  6. James Comes Second
  7. The Great Day of Thomas and Skarloey


  • Thomas and Percy are mirrored on the front cover.


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