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“I could show them around much faster than a slowcoach like you!”
―Gordon to Thomas

Seeing the Sights is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


One day, the Fat Controller gives Thomas the special task of collecting some visitors from the Docks and taking them to see all the sights of Sodor. As Thomas leaves, Gordon puffs in boasting that he could show the visitors around the Island faster. Thomas feels cross and is determined to be just as fast as Gordon.

Soon, Thomas arrives at the Norramby Fishing Village where he instructs the visitors to take their photographs quickly. As soon as Thomas hears a carriage door shut, he steams away, leaving several visitors behind.

At the next stop, when only a few passengers climb out of his carriages, Thomas realises that he must have left the rest behind. Thomas is upset and hurries off to pick up everyone. Thomas is very sorry and asks the passengers where they would like to go. They say they would like to go to the beach so that is where they go. They have lots of fun making sandcastles and eating ice cream. Thomas concludes that it is best to see one place properly than lots of places in a hurry.




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