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The tenth series of Thomas & Friends was first broadcast in September 2006 in the US and October 2006 in the UK. There are twenty-eight episodes in this series and all were narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and Michael Brandon in the US.


During production of this series, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Percy had fully brass replicas made. This was due to their original plastic models being twenty-two years old at this point and tight filming schedules meant there was very little room for emergency repairs.

The new models were made out of brass and equipped with CNC machined aluminium chassis powered by DC motors. From this point onwards the plastic models would only appear in scenes that would damage the brass models, with the exception of the episode, Big Strong Henry, where one of Henry's brass models was used for the crash instead of his plastic model. This may be due to the plastic model having a previously loose middle left drive wheel which is visible in promotional photographs and some scenes of the episode Henry and the Wishing Tree. The way the crash in that episode unfolded could have caused the old repair to fail.

In one particular episode, The Green Controller, James' original plastic model was repainted into the black and yellow bee livery, likely because the production team did not want to ruin the new brass model after it had just been built. However, James' original plastic tender was not repainted, but oddly enough, it was the new brass tender.

This series also marks the final appearances of Edward and James' plastic models, which were both retired completely after the episode, James the Second Best.

In the episode Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out, Skarloey's small scale model was used again for the first time since the fifth series (excluding stock footage appearances in the seventh series). It was used for the long shots alongside Thomas' gauge 1 model because the large scale Skarloey model would've been severely out of scale.


(Note: * means that Michael Brandon's narration of an episode has yet to be released on home media).

(Note: ** means that an episode was only released on HiT Favorites in the US).

Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
FollowThatFlour17.png Follow that Flour Sharon Miller 2nd October 2006 #01
Thomas bumps and hides a truck of flour, which James was meant to take.
ASmoothRide8.png A Smooth Ride Simon Nicholson 2nd October 2006 #02
Sir Handel returns from the quarry, but is afraid he will be sent back when he starts having trouble climbing hills.
ThomasandtheJetPlane25.png Thomas and the Jet Plane * Abi Grant 3rd October 2006 #03
Thomas meets a jet plane named Jeremy and gets jealous of what he does.
PercyandtheFunfair54.png Percy and the Funfair
Percy and the Carnival
Abi Grant 3rd October 2006 #04
Percy is given the assignment of delivering coal while his friends get to help with a funfair, causing the little green engine to feel very left out.
TheGreenController49.png The Green Controller Sharon Miller 4th October 2006 #05
Lady Hatt appoints Percy to give the engines orders as the Fat Controller has lost his voice, but Percy only causes a muddle.
DuncanDropsaClanger64.png Duncan Drops a Clanger * Paul Larson 4th October 2006 #06
Duncan transports a church bell, but due to his carelessness, he loses it for a bit.
Thomas'TrickyTree59.png Thomas' Tricky Tree ** Sharon Miller 5th October 2006 #07
Thomas searches the wharf for a Christmas tree, but neglects to take the narrow gauge engines' advice.
Toby'sAfternoonOff70.png Toby's Afternoon Off Marc Seal 5th October 2006 #08
Toby wants to visit the farm after finishing his jobs, but is given more work to do.
It'sGoodtobeGordon80.png It's Good to be Gordon * Abi Grant 6th October 2006 #09
Gordon accidentally takes Henry's special coal, but he does not admit this mistake, leaving Henry to break down.
SeeingtheSights26.png Seeing the Sights Wayne Jackman 6th October 2006 #10
Thomas races from place to place too fast and leaves passengers behind at each stop.
FearlessFreddie40.png Fearless Freddie * Simon Nicholson 7th October 2006 #11
An old narrow gauge engine named Freddie realises he is ageing after resorting to cheat in a race, leaving Rheneas to come off the tracks.
Toby'sNewShed74.png Toby's New Shed * Simon Nicholson 7th October 2006 #12
Toby is upset when the birds roosting in his shed are made homeless when his shed is renovated and Thomas must put things right.
BigStrongHenry41.png Big Strong Henry Simon Nicholson 8th October 2006 #13
Henry tries to prove he is the strongest engine on the railway.
StickyToffeeThomas60.png Sticky Toffee Thomas
Sticky Taffy Thomas
Paul Larson 8th October 2006 #14
Thomas wants to wear a costume for the costume party, but he does not pay attention to what he is doing.
WhichWayNow25.png Which Way Now? * James Mason 9th October 2006 #15
Rusty rushes workmen so he can take the Fat Controller around the Skarloey Railway.
ThomasandtheShootingStar59.png Thomas and the Shooting Star * Abi Grant 9th October 2006 #16
Thomas gets lost on his way to the power station while searching for a shooting star.
EdwardStrikesOut29.png Edward Strikes Out Sharon Miller 10th October 2006 #17
Edward prejudices a new crane called Rocky, but he soon eats his words after Rocky helps Gordon after an accident.
ToppedOffThomas15.png Topped Off Thomas * Sharon Miller 10th October 2006 #18
While racing Spencer, Thomas blows the Fat Controller's top hat away and is told to find it again.
WharfandPeace25.png Wharf and Peace * Abi Grant 11th October 2006 #19
Skarloey is startled at the wharf and is too scared to return.
Thomas'FrostyFriend76.png Thomas' Frosty Friend Sharon Miller 11th October 2006 #20
A snowman-shaped balloon attaches itself to Thomas' rear buffers.
EmilyandtheSpecialCoaches30.png Emily and the Special Coaches
Emily and the Special Cars
James Mason 12th October 2006 #21
Gordon is getting new coaches for setting a speed record, but Diesel thinks he is special too and out of spite steals them when Emily was supposed to take them to Knapford.
ThomasAndTheColours17.png Thomas and the Colours
Thomas and the Colors
Marc Seal 12th October 2006 #22
Thomas tries to convince James to give him the job of pulling the Sodor football team.
ThomasAndTheBirthdayMail53.png Thomas and the Birthday Mail James Mason 13th October 2006 #23
Thomas delivers some birthday mail for a girl named Alice, but is annoyed when a tank engine, Rosie, harasses and follows him.
Duncan'sBluff41.png Duncan's Bluff Paul Larson 13th October 2006 #24
Duncan cheats in a contest with James, making him run out of coal before he has to take children to a winter holiday concert.
MissingTrucks41.png Missing Trucks
Missing (Freight) Cars
Wayne Jackman 14th October 2006 #25
Rheneas' good deed of helping Skarloey causes trouble.
ThomasandtheTreasure75.png Thomas and the Treasure Marc Seal 14th October 2006 #26
Thomas goes looking for treasure, following clues told by Salty.
JamestheSecondBest64.png James the Second Best * Paul Larson 15th October 2006 #27
James is upset when Edward is chosen to appear on a railway poster, so he tries to follow his ways.
ThomasandSkarloey'sBigDayOut60.png Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out Paul Larson 15th October 2006 #28
Thomas takes Skarloey to the Works, but he delays to show him the sights.


Screenshot Title Composers Original release date
DoingitRight2.png Doing it Right Ed Welch 3rd September 2006 (US)
Whatever job you're doing,
Make sure you're doing it right...
HisforHarold.jpg H is for Harold Ed Welch 24th September 2006 (US)
'F' is for friendship, and flying and free.
'G' is for good, as good friends ought to be...
Thomas'DayOff6.jpg There's Always Something New Ed Welch 7th October 2006 (UK)
There's always somewhere new to go
And something new to see...
SeeingtheSights26.png Navigation Ed Welch 9th October 2006 (UK)
When to stop and when to go
These are things you have to know...
HenryAndTheWishingTree67.png Favourite Place Ed Welch 11th October 2006 (UK)
Everybody needs to have their favourite place
Somewhere that they like to be...
ThomasGetsItRight19.jpg Strength Ed Welch 13th October 2006 (UK)
You've got to have strength, strength to make the wheels go round
Strength, strength to lift things off the ground...
CallingAllEngines!229.png Responsibility Ed Welch 15th October 2006 (UK)
What makes an engine happy?
What makes an engine sad?...


Characters Introduced

Half Hour Format

When Series 10 was airing on Nick Jr. in the UK and Ireland, PBS Kids in the US and Treehouse TV in Canada, two tenth series episodes were paired along with a segment called "Sodor's Special Places" involving one of the locations on the Island of Sodor. In the US, they started adding the opening when Thomas' crew gets him ready for another days work and an ending when Thomas' crew cleans him after a days work in the PBS Kids airings as it was used in the UK during the ninth series airings on Nick Jr. in 2005.

Being Reliable




Special Days

Old and New

  • Fearless Freddie
  • Song: There's Always Something New
  • Sodor's Special Places: The Quarry
  • Learning Segment: Toby's New Shed
  • Toby's New Shed



Big and Small

Favourite Places

The Way I See It





  • This series, along with the twentieth are the only series to have twenty-eight episodes, which makes them the longest series in the show's history. Additionally, the tenth series was the first to deviate from the standard twenty-six episodes per series.
  • Thomas appears in twenty-seven of the twenty-eight episodes in this series (specifically, all except Duncan Drops a Clanger), more than any other series in episodes produced by HiT Entertainment and the whole model series.
  • This is the last series of a few things:
    • The last series filmed in 576i standard definition and on DigiBeta.
    • Jocelyn Stevenson's last series as executive producer.
    • The last series to have episodes written by Marc Seal and James Mason.
    • The last series shown in fullscreen (4:3) in France.
    • The last series to feature Thomas' tired face.
    • The last series to feature James', and Edward's plastic models.
    • The last series to feature the 8th series theme song in the intro.
    • The last series to feature the 2004-2006 HiT Entertainment logo at the end of the episodes.
    • The last series to feature the small scale models of the narrow gauge engines.
    • The last series aired by EBS until the twelfth series in South Korea.
    • The last series aired by Tooniverse until the twenty-second series in South Korea.
    • The last series aired by Daekyo Kids TV and EBS English in South Korea.
    • The last series released on DVD by Adongmoonhak in South Korea.
    • The last series to have Bosnian dubs.
    • The last series narrated by Budi Santoso in Indonesia.
    • The last series aired by MiniMini until the thirteenth series in Poland.
  • In the first airing of this series on the international channel, JimJam television, only twenty-six episodes aired.
  • This series was the first of several things:
    • The first series in which 'Arry, Bert, Dennis and Proteus do not appear since their introductions in the fifth and ninth series respectively. Although they do appear in music videos from this series. While latter however, appears in a learning segment. 'Arry and Bert would later appear in the next series.
    • The first series in which its episodes aired on American television before the official British television debuts.
    • The first series and only series where Bill and Ben do not speak since their introductions until the twenty-first series.
    • The first series where Caroline does not appear since her return.
    • The first series in where Bulgy does not speak since his return.
    • The first series to feature Spencer in his silver livery.
    • Sharon Miller's first series as Additional Material Written.
    • The first series to have episodes written by Wayne Jackman.
    • The first series not to have any of its episodes released on VHS in the US.
    • The first series where not every episode has been released on home media in the US.
    • The first series that not released on VHS in South Korea.
    • The first series aired by CBeebies in Poland.
    • The first series since the sixth series where Annie and Clarabel appear, but do not speak.
    • The first series narrated by Alexandru Rusu in Romania since the seventh series.
    • The first series to feature the steam effect between the Roll Call and the credits.
  • This series marks the return of Sir Handel since his debut in the fourth series (not counting his music video cameos in the fifth and sixth) and the Chinese Dragon since its debut in the third series. Duck and Terence also made brief appearances since the seventh series, only in two music videos.
  • The Korean DVDs, credit Michael Angelis as the narrator, even though they were re-dubbed in their respective language.
  • This is the only series for a few things:
    • The only series which Simon Nicholson wrote episodes for since the sixth series.
    • The only series where Neville does appear since his introduction in the ninth series. Although he appears in music videos and will later appear in the next series.
    • The only series to feature Thomas' unused outraged face from Series 3 since the book, Little Engines Can Do BIG Things.
    • The only series to feature Skarloey's unused panicked face from the fourth series.
    • The only series where Molly appears, but does not speak since her introduction in the ninth series.
    • The only series until the twentieth to have twenty-eight episodes.
  • Most of the recent broadcasts on Nick Jr. have episodes or interactive segments either out of sync or with crossed over audio.
  • According to Abi Grant's website, Bulstrode was originally intended to have a large scale model built for the wharf set. But due to budget constraints, however, this never happened.
  • A large-scale model of James was built for when he interacts with the Narrow Gauge Engines.
  • The US dubs of the following episodes have currently only been shown on television and have yet to appear on home video in North America, but Sticky Taffy Thomas, Which Way Now? and Thomas and the Shooting Star had their US dubs released on a Brazilian DVD:
    • Thomas and the Jet Plane
    • Duncan Drops a Clanger
    • It's Good to be Gordon
    • Fearless Freddie
    • Toby's New Shed
    • Topped Off Thomas
    • Wharf and Peace
    • Emily and the Special Cars
    • James the Second Best
  • Apart from Strength, There's Always Something New and Responsibility (short version), most songs made during this series have currently only been shown on television in the US and have yet to appear on home video in North America:
    • Doing It Right
    • Favorite Place
    • H is for Harold
    • Navigation (Only on New Adventures of Thomas Brazil DVD)
    • Responsibility (Extended Version)
  • Both the eighth and ninth series aired on Channel 5's Milkshake! block after this series.
  • The DVD Thomas' Trusty Friends was released the same day this series started airing in the UK.
  • The first ten episodes of this series aired in the US before their respective UK television debuts from 3rd September 2006 to 1st October 2006.