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The nineteenth series of Thomas & Friends first premiered on DVD on 9th June 2015 in the US before airing on TV. It aired on TV on 21 September 2015 in the UK and on 13 October 2015 in the US.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
Who'sGeoffreypromoWho's Geoffrey?Lee Pressman21 September 2015#01
Thomas blames an accident on made-up engine Geoffrey.
TheTruthAboutTobypromoThe Truth About TobyDavey Moore22 September 2015#02
Toby accidentally runs out of coal at the scrapyards, leaving the engines to think he's going to be scrapped.
LostPropertypromoLost PropertyHelen Farrall23 September 2015#03
The Fat Controller is anxious as two grumpy inspectors have come to inspect the railway, starting with Thomas. To prevent an even worse report, Thomas helps return the lost pocket watch to the railway inspector.
HenrySpotsTroublepromoHenry Spots TroubleDavey Moore24 September 2015#04
After he sees the Fat Controller's grandchildren with chickenpox, Henry worries about catching the disease himself.
ACrankyChristmaspromoA Cranky ChristmasMark Huckerby
Nick Ostler
4 January 2016#05
Thomas is sent to take a special crate to the Town Square from the docks, but Cranky accidentally drops the crate.
SnowPlaceLikeHomepromoSnow Place Like HomeLee Pressman5 January 2016#06
Kevin gets stuck out in the snow, and Victor goes out looking for him, despite his hatred of snow.
TheBeastofSodorpromoThe Beast of SodorBecky Overton6 January 2016#07
Henry becomes paranoid of meeting an abominable snowman after Spencer teases him about it.
ToadandtheWhalepromoToad and the WhaleHelen Farrall14 March 2016#08
Toad spots a stranded whale on the beach, but Oliver does not take him seriously.
VeryImportantSheep37Very Important SheepHelen Farrall15 March 2016#09
Percy doesn't notice sheep jumping out of his cattle truck.
SaltyAllatSeapromoSalty All at SeaLee Pressman16 March 2016#10
Salty's imagination runs away with him as he worries about going to the Mainland by sea.
DenandDartpromoDen and DartDavey Moore17 March 2016#11
Mavis has an accident at Anopha Quarry and is sent to the Dieselworks. Den is sent to take her place, while Dart has to stay at the Dieselworks. However, the two always work together and they fear to be without the other.
HelpingHiropromoHelping HiroMark Huckerby
Nick Ostler
18 March 2016#12
Thomas feels guilty about causing Hiro to have an accident. To make up for it, Thomas ventures into Hiro's old hideout to see if he can try to salvage some left behind parts.
SlowStephenpromoSlow StephenHelen Farrall11 July 2016#13
Stephen is a slow engine, but one day, when the Sodor Suspension Bridge collapses, he tries to stop Gordon from crossing the bridge.
TwoWheelsGoodpromoTwo Wheels GoodLee Pressman12 July 2016#14
Thomas, Spencer, and Bertie argue over how many wheels are best.
RedsvsBluespromoReds vs. BluesDavey Moore13 July 2016#15
Thomas and James compete with each other to see who can get to Dryaw first.
BestEngineEverpromoBest Engine EverAndrew Brenner14 July 2016#16
Emily idolises Caitlin when she sees how fast Caitlin can go.
TheLittleEngineWhoRacedAheadpromoThe Little Engine Who Raced AheadAndrew Brenner15 July 2016#17
A new diesel boxcab named Philip arrives. Loving to race, he thinks he's racing Gordon when in actuality Gordon never took part.
PhiliptotheRescuepromoPhilip to the RescueAndrew Brenner18 July 2016#18
James is determined to prove himself stronger than Philip.
Diesel'sGhostlyChristmasPartOnepromoDiesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 1Becky Overton26 December 2016#19
Diesel starts causing trouble at Christmas time and he gets visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past.
Diesel'sGhostlyChristmaspromoDiesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 2Becky Overton26 December 2016#20
Diesel now meets up with two other ghostly engines. The Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future and he later finds the Fat Controller still at Knapford during the Earl's Christmas party at Ulfstead Castle.
ThomastheBabysitterpromoThomas the BabysitterHelen Farrall6 March 2017#21
A mother and her noisy baby want to have a ride on Thomas' train, but the baby keeps crying which leads to irritation to Thomas and the passengers.
RockyRescuepromoRocky RescueDavey Moore6 March 2017#22
Rocky ends up derailing and the Search and Rescue Team have to work together to put him back on the rails again.
TheOtherSideoftheMountainpromoThe Other Side of the MountainAndrew Brenner7 March 2017#23
Thomas discovers Bertie's been rerouted to behind the other side of the mountain, making Thomas curious as to what's there.
NoHelpatAllpromoNo Help at AllAndrew Brenner8 March 2017#24
Bill and Ben say that Timothy is no help at all.
GoodbyeFatControllerpromoGoodbye Fat Controller
Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt
Andrew Brenner (writer)
Robin Gay (story idea)
9 March 2017#25
Percy overhears some workmen talking and thinks the Fat Controller is leaving Sodor, so he and the other engines go on strike at Tidmouth Sheds.
WildWaterRescuepromoWild Water RescueBecky Overton10 March 2017#26
Diesel is jealous of Percy's job to collect the Mayor of Sodor, so he directs

Percy to an old disused quarry while he takes him himself.



Characters Introduced

Half Hour Format

When the nineteenth series aired on PBS, each broadcast aired two episodes, a song and Mr. Perkins Railway segments. When other episodes started airing on 18th October 2016, Mr. Perkins' Railway segments were replaced with The Earls Quiz and after the second episode, Learn with Thomas segments from the official YouTube channel were also added.

Telling Tales

Finders Keepers

  • Lost Property
  • Song: Really Useful Engine (The Adventure Begins version)
  • Mr Perkins' Railway Segment: Jobs on the Railway
  • Henry Spots Trouble

Lost and Found

  • Toad and the Whale
  • Song: Spring is Here!
  • Mr Perkins' Railway Segment: Washdown (PBS Kids)
  • Very Important Sheep
  • Guess Who Puzzles - Porter and Reg (PBS Kids)

All At Sea

  • Salty All At Sea
  • Song: Let's Go
  • Mr Perkins' Railway Segment: Different Types of Engines
  • Den and Dart
  • Guess Who Puzzles - Samson and Timothy

Slowly Wins the Race

Competing Engines

The Race is On

Christmas Time

Spooky Snow

  • Helping Hiro
  • Song: Monsters Everywhere
  • Mr. Perkins' Railway: Railway Maintenance
  • The Beast of Sodor
  • Guess Who Puzzles? - Toad and Marion

Tis the Season to be Jolly

  • Diesel's Ghostly Christmas
  • Song: There's Snow Place Like Home
  • Mr. Perkins' Railway: Signals and Points
  • Guess Who Puzzles? - Oliver and Reg


UK, AUS and NZ

US and CAN


  • This series marks the first of several things:
    • The first series to utilise the new intro, credits and Engine Roll Call remix.
    • The first series to have Nigel Pilkington, Christopher Ragland, Joseph May, Rob Rackstraw, John Hasler, Rasmus Hardiker, Oliver McCue and Ashna Kapur as part of the voice cast.
    • Nigel Pilkington and Christopher Ragland takes over the role of Percy from Keith Wickham in the UK dub and Martin Sherman in the US dub.
    • Joseph May and John Hasler takes over the role of Thomas from Martin Sherman in the US dub and Ben Small in the UK dub.
    • Rob Rackstraw takes over the role of James from Kerry Shale in the US dub and takes over the role of Toby from Ben Small in the UK dub
    • The first series to have Glenn Wrage as part of the UK cast.
    • The first series where David Bedella voices the Mayor of Sodor in the UK dub.
    • The first series to have episodes solely directed by a woman.
    • The first series to feature episodes written by Helen Farrall.
    • The first series to have three directors.
    • The first series to have library music played in an episode.
    • The first series since the sixteenth series and the sixth series overall where Thomas appears in every episode, as well as speaking in all of them since the fifteenth series. This was because of the franchise's 70th anniversary.
    • Daisy and Lord Callan's first appearances in CGI.
    • This is the first series since his return in Blue Mountain Mystery in which Rusty does not appear.
    • The first series to have a two-part episode, though not the first to feature a story that Arc spans multiple episodes.
    • The first series to have a song featured in an episode, not sung by one of the characters.
    • The first series since the twelfth series to feature a member of The Pack in an episode.
    • The first series where 'Arry appears without Bert.
    • The first series to have an episode banned from airing on television, specifically Henry Spots Trouble in Australia.
  • This is the only series for a few things:
    • The only series to date in where Samson and Daisy appear, but do not speak since their introductions.
    • The only series to date since his return in the seventeenth series in which Harvey does not appear.
    • The only series to date since their returns in Blue Mountain Mystery and the sixteenth series in which Skarloey and Peter Sam do not appear.
    • The only series to date in where Sidney, Luke, Slip Coaches and Owen do not appear since their introductions.
    • The only series to date not to have Tom Stourton as part of the voice cast.
    • The only series to date where Crovan's Gate does not appear since it’s return in the eighteenth series.
    • The only series to date not to feature the Blue Mountain Quarry since it's introduction in Blue Mountain Mystery.
    • This is the only series to have a different number of episodes in the UK and US. The UK has 26 episodes while the US has 25. Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Parts 1 and 2 are combined into one long episode the US.​​​​​​
    • The only series to have a story idea by Robin Gay.  ​​​​​​
  • This marks the last series of a few things:
    • This was the last series to air on Nick Jr. due to the show moving to Cartoonito for pay TV broadcast in the UK. The final six episodes of this series were released direct-to-DVD before making their television debut on Cartoonito.
    • The last series to have episodes written by Nick Ostler and Mark Huckerby. 
    • The last series to have Jonathan Broadbent as part of the voice cast. In Big World! Big Adventures!, Rasmus Hardiker takes over as the voice of Bill, while Matt Wilkinson takes over as Ben.
    • The last series until the twenty-second series in which Thomas' name was mentioned in any of the episode titles. It is also the last series until the twenty-second series where Thomas speaks in every episode.
  • This is the last series with music composed by Robert and Peter Hartshorne since their contracts ended after Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure. Chris Renshaw took over composing from Thomas & Friends in 4-D: Bubbling Boilers and the twentieth series onwards.
  • According to Ian McCue, the episodes on Dinos and Discoveries were going to be part of this series but they instead were made for the eighteenth series. The episodes have unofficially been included under the production order for the nineteenth series in some countries.
  • According to SiF on Twitter, the five DVD exclusive episodes were going to be part of the twentieth series but were made for this series instead.
  • Thomas going across the lake in the intro may be a reference to the original intro.
  • From this series onwards, colours are brighter than in previous CGI series.
  • The Complete Series release is available in Amazon Prime in the U.S. Amazon. Also purchasing the DVD as well is available.

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