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Series 23 of Thomas & Friends will begin airing in September in the UK and 18th May 2019 in the US.


Mattel has green-lit a new series and several specials for Thomas & Friends that will premiere in 2019. Production has begun on the 23rd series that will consist of 20 x 11-minute episodes as well as three 22-minute specials following the recent revamp of the series.

The series is once again, split into two halves: one half with Thomas travelling around the world, and one half taking place on the Island of Sodor. Along with more episodes set in the previously visited China, India and Australia, Thomas will also visit two new countries, Italy and Brazil.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
RunawayTruck62Wish You Were HereTBATBATBA
ShankarS22Shankar's MakeoverTBATBATBA
OutbackThomaspromoLaid Back ShaneTBATBATBA
DigsandDiscoveriesDigs and DiscoveriesTBATBATBA
GustavoThe Other Big EngineDavey MooreTBATBA
Thomas meets another big blue engine in Brazil that reminds him of Gordon.
MainRaulCGIGrudge MatchDavey MooreTBATBA
Raul wants to beat Thomas in a game, but his competitive nature soon gets him into trouble.
TroublesomeTrucksSeason21Chucklesome TrucksDavey MooreTBATBA
The engines fear Rebecca is in for a tough time when she is tasked with pulling Troublesome Trucks.
BulgyCGIModelUpdatedFree the RoadsMichael WhiteTBATBA
Bulgy wishes for passengers to take the bus instead of a train and gets his wish after accidently tainting a water tower.
P.A.Problems47Heart of GoldMichael WhiteTBATBA
Toby fills in for Stephen at Ulfstead Castle and stops a pair of thieves from stealing King Godred's crown.


Characters Introduced


UK and AUS


  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • William Hope as Edward and Toby
  • Kerry Shale as Henry, Gordon, Diesel, and Max
  • Rob Rackstraw as James and Monty
  • Christopher Ragland as Percy and the Troublesome Trucks
  • Jules de Jongh as Emily
  • Yvonne Grundy as Nia
  • Rachael Miller as Rebecca
  • Nicola Stapleton as Rosie
  • Mike Grady as Sir Robert Norramby
  • Miranda Raison as Millie
  • Tina Desai as Ashima
  • Federico Trujillo as Raul
  • Dan Li as Yong Bao
  • Shane Jacobson as Shane
  • Teresa Gallagher as Annie and Clarabel
  • Maggie Ollerenshaw as Henrietta
  • Genevieve McCarthy as Aubrey
  • Tim Bain as Aiden
  • Colin McFarlane as Bulgy
  • Peter Andre as Ace
  • Keith Wickham as Bertie and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Monica Lopera as Gabriela
  • Francisco Labbe as Gustavo
  • Laura Cucurullo as Cassia