The ninth series of Thomas & Friends was first broadcast in September 2005. The series was narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and Michael Brandon in the US. It ran for twenty-six episodes.


Series 9 was filmed around the time HiT Entertainment had put themselves for sale because of straining toy firms. Private equity investment group Apax Partners decided to purchase HiT to save them from any possible downfall. 2005 was also the same year that included the hiring of Sharon Miller as she was enlisted to be Script Editor.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
PercyAndTheOilPainting75Percy and the Oil PaintingAbi Grant3 September 2005#01
Percy takes a fussy painter around Sodor so that he can paint a picture of "The Spirit of Sodor."
ThomasandtheRainbow83Thomas and the RainbowAbi Grant3 September 2005#02
Thomas is distracted by a rainbow.
Molly'sSpecialSpecial43Molly's Special Special Paul Larson9 September 2005#03
Thomas helps the new engine named Molly to make her empty trucks/freight cars look important.
RespectforGordon59Respect for GordonJames Mason9 September 2005#04
Gordon begins bossing the others about.
Thomas'MilkshakeMuddle32Thomas' Milkshake Muddle Marc Seal 16 September 2005#05
Thomas is sent to get ingredients for party food, but almost ruins it by rushing around too much.
MightyMac84Mighty MacPaul Larson16 September 2005#06
Mighty Mac, an engine with two faces, has a problem deciding where to go.
ThomasandtheBirthdayPicnic75Thomas and the Birthday PicnicSharon Miller23 September 2005#07
Thomas tries to find a perfect place for Dowager Hatt's birthday picnic.
TunefulToots57Tuneful TootsSharon Miller23 September 2005#08
Rusty gets stranded while showing the brass band around and uses his horn to save the day.
ThomasandtheToyShop5Thomas and the Toy Shop
Thomas and the Toy Workshop
James Mason30 September 2005#09
Thomas takes some toys to the Knapford toy shop.
RheneasandtheDinosaur45Rheneas and the DinosaurPaul Larson30 September 2005#10
Rheneas tries to take a dinosaur skeleton to the Transfer Yards on his own, much to Skarloey's dismay.
ThomasAndTheNewEngine70Thomas and the New EngineMarc Seal7 October 2005#11
Thomas sees 'Arry and Bert talking to Neville and thinks the three are planning a trick.
TobyFeelsLeftOut16Toby Feels Left OutSimon A. Brown7 October 2005#12
A museum is being opened and Toby is worried he will be put in it.
ThomasTriesHisBest74Thomas Tries His BestJames Mason14 October 2005#13
Thomas wants to go to a fair while he has to wait for Farmer McColl with his chickens.
TheMagicLamp13The Magic LampSharon Miller14 October 2005#14
Peter Sam goes looking for a magic lamp after Skarloey tells him the story of Proteus.
ThomasandtheStatue74Thomas and the StatueMarc Seal21 October 2005#15
Thomas is chosen to take a statue, which he believes is of him.
HenryandtheFlagpole65Henry and the FlagpolePaul Larson21 October 2005#16
Henry fears his favourite tree will be cut down to provide a flagpole for Callan Castle.
EmilyKnowsBest59Emily Knows BestMarc Seal28 October 2005#17
Emily pretends to be a queen, only to cause confusion.
Thomas'DayOff61Thomas' Day OffSharon Miller28 October 2005#18
Dennis the diesel gets Thomas to do his work.
Thomas'NewTrucks29Thomas' New TrucksPaul Larson4 November 2005#19
Thomas is jealous when James gets new trucks.
DuncanAndTheOldMine37Duncan and the Old MineJames Mason4 November 2005#20
Duncan, looking for adventure, ventures into a disused mine.
BoldandBrave45Bold and BraveJames Mason11 November 2005#21
Diesel tells Thomas about the curse of the cliffs which makes him worried.
SkarloeytheBrave49Skarloey the BravePaul Larson11 November 2005#22
Skarloey proves to be a daredevil when he tries to ride up the incline.
SavingEdward58Saving EdwardJames Mason18 November 2005#23
Edward cannot take his train and fears he will be scrapped.
ThomasandtheGoldenEagle87Thomas and the Golden EagleAbi Grant18 November 2005#24
Thomas tries to see a rare golden eagle.
KeepingUpwithJames80Keeping Up with JamesAbi Grant25 November 2005#25
James' impatience proves to be disastrous.
FlourPower81Flour PowerAbi Grant25 November 2005#26
Diesel spooks Thomas, but he gets back at him.



Characters Introduced

Half Hour Format

When Series 9 aired on PBS Kids, Nick Jr. and Treehouse, the airings were paired with not just Series 7 episodes, but even some Series 6 episodes which were originally narrated by Alec Baldwin and re-dubbed by Michael Brandon in the US, with Michael Angelis re-dubbing his narrations in the UK. In the Series 6 episodes, music was also re-dubbed with music from episodes produced by HiT Entertainment as well. In the beginning of the Nick Jr. airings in the UK, an opening when Thomas' crew gets him ready for another day's work and an ending when Thomas' crew cleans him after a day's work was added.

Colour (UK)/Color (US)

Caring/Taking Care





Night and Day



Lost and Found





  • This is the last series of a few things:
    • The last series in which the half hour formats feature episodes directed by David Mittion.
    • The last series to have any of its episodes released on VHS in the US.
    • The last series to be narrated by Daniel Vulcu in Romania and Ian MacAmhlaigh in Scotland.
  • Rusty was referred to as a female in early American narrations of Tuneful Toots and Duncan and the Old Mine that broadcast on PBS Kids. This was corrected in later airings and on the DVD releases.
  • This was Sharon Miller's first series as part of the writing team and as script editor. She later became the first head writer in the twelfth series.
  • A large-scale model of Thomas was built for when he interacts with the Narrow Gauge Engines.
  • This marks the only series Simon A. Brown was apart of the writing team.
  • This series marks the first for several things:
    • The first series where Thomas appears in every episode, albeit not speaking in all of them.
    • The first series to air on Channel 5's Milkshake! block.
    • The first series where the title cards are read aloud by the narrator including some of Series 6 and 7. However, a few US episodes did not have their titles read aloud in the Thomas and the Toy Workshop US DVD.
    • The first series in which Arthur, Murdoch, Spencer, Elizabeth and Jem Cole do not appear since their introductions. However, Elizabeth and Jem Cole make appearances in music videos, as does Arthur in a DVD game.
    • The first series in which Maron station does not appear since it returned in the sixth series.
    • The first series produced by HiT Entertainment under ownership of Apax Partners.
  • This season later re-aired on Channel 5 after the tenth series and the previous series in 2006.

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