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“Shake! Shake! Make me quake!"
"Make me quake until I shake!”
Dash and Bash going over the bridge in Misty Island Rescue

The Shake Shake Bridge is a bridge that runs over The Logging Pond on Misty Island. Its name comes from the fact that, when an engine crosses it, it shakes violently.


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  • The bridge as depicted in the specials and series was a severe deviation by the animation team from Sharon Miller's idea; she conceived the bridge not as a half-collapsed trestle but as a suspension bridge that felt and sounded to be in worse shape than it actually was. This original design can be seen in the Take-n-Play Rescue From Misty Island set.
  • The bridge's support structure might have been lost because of Ol' Wheezy continuously throwing logs at the support structure so much that the majority of the structure has been demolished, making the bridge unsafe to cross.