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This article is about 'the station'. You may be looking for 'the song, the town or the television show'.

Shining Time is a station located on the Indian Valley Railroad. The manager of the station is Stacy Jones. It only appeared in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.



  • Despite being the same station building from the Shining Time Station television series, the exterior and interior are completely different.
  • In Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Shining Time had a large mural with a railway tunnel which was a gateway into the Magic Railroad, only via the use of gold dust.
  • The station in the movie were filmed at:
    • The exterior scenes were filmed at Castletown Railway Station on the Isle of Man Railway, which was redecorated for filming purposes; the "Shining Time Co-Op" building was actually a goods shed.[1][2]
    • The interior scenes were filmed at Balthane Film Studio, a converted warehouse on the Balthane Industrial Estate in Ballasalla, Isle of Man. This same studio was used for Space Island One. The studio closed in 2002 and turned into a workshop.
    •  The scenes involving the Rainbow Sun locomotive were filmed at the Strasburg Railroad depot and had a facade of the station built for those scenes.